Best Blender Bottle of 2021


  • A leak-proof blender bottle that evenly mixes the ingredients is an essential accessory for your workout.
  • When shopping, consider the mixing mechanism of the bottle, how much liquid it can hold, and the materials used.
  • Our top pick, u BlenderBottle Street, is a stainless steel insulated option that can hold up to 24 ounces of liquid.

Shock protein they are an essential part of a daily routine for many, no matter if they are looking for it to gain muscle, replace a meal with a travel option, or supplement your daily nutritional intake. Shocks can be prepared via something like a Vitamix mixer, shaken manually in a glass, or, more commonly, mixed in a blender bottle.

When I first started using blender bottles to mix and drink my own shakes, I found that even if the main task was simple – a evenly blended shake that wouldn’t escape in my gym bag – not all bottles could handle that. . When I started consuming more brands of powders and flavors, I also started exploring different bottles and I realized that, like the drinks I prepared, some are simply better than others.

Not only are these bottles in different sizes and styles, but there is also a range of benefits. Some leave your drinks colder for longer while others offer easy-to-open caps and leak-proof tops. Most try to mix your shakes thoroughly so you don’t get a mouth full of tufts and there are even those that have built-in storage compartments to keep snacks organized.


Although buying a bottle of blender may seem like an easy task – meaning taking only the first one you see with the most attractive color – it’s important to invest some time in finding the one that suits you best. Needless to say, you might just be disappointed as I was with a fleeting, hard-to-clean bottle that retained every single odor I had come in contact with.

With so many options on the market at various price points and features, it can be difficult to restrict which bottle is worth the money. To help, I’ve rounded up five of my absolute favorites below, each perfect for a variety of use cases. At the end of this guide, I have also included an overview of what to look for when purchasing a bottle of blender to help simplify the process.

Here are the best blender bottles

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