Beaumont-Spectrum is rebranded as Corewell Health

Michigan’s largest health care system finally has a permanent name: Corewell Health.

The announcement comes more than 8 months after the merger between Spectrum Health and Beaumont Health. The two systems merged on February 1 after announcement of intent to merge over a year ago. The two organizations previously operated under parent company BHSH while maintaining the names Spectrum and Beaumont at the hospitals.

The nonprofit operates a $12 billion healthcare system with 22 hospitals, its own insurer, Priority Health, and approximately 60,000 employees.

The new name will be reflected in all hospital names, the system said in a press release on its new site,

The system plans to phase in a new name over the next two years, and the name reflects “a future where health is simple, affordable, fair and exceptional,” the company said in a statement.

“At our core, we are here to help people be healthy so they can live the healthiest lives possible,” said Tina Freese Decker, President and CEO of Corewell Health, in a press release. “We recognize the amazing results and history of Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health. Now together, known as Corewell Health, we are moving forward with a focus on health and wellness for all. The choice of the name is especially inspiring as it was influenced by thousands of ideas. from our team members who put health and wellness at the heart of everything we do.”

Alex Calderone, managing director of the Calderone Advisory Group, a healthcare advisor, said the name change is unimpressive but unlikely to have a significant impact.

“I don’t think it’s particularly flashy, and I’m sure both sides of the state will mourn the elimination of legacy branding,” Calderone told Crain’s. “With that said, this is just a name change and is unlikely to have a significant impact on operations, demand, or care.”

The Spectrum name is being dropped entirely, but the new signage will retain the Beaumont name in some locations.

Tina Freese-Decker, President and CEO of Corewell, told Crain’s that they have retained the legacy Beaumont name in some hospitals because of the name’s recognition and importance in those communities.

“It’s important that we recognize the rich history of all of our organizations,” Freese-Decker said. “We reached out to our board of directors and internal teams and asked them how they would like to be recommended. We thought it important to honor the hereditary names of Blodgett and William Beaumont.”

Freese-Decker said the name change will remain internal until 2022, with signage starting to change in 2023 along with a more active marketing campaign.

System hired San Francisco-based brand strategy firm Prophet to develop the Corewell name and logo.

Freese-Decker said the name change will help the integration process as the entire system of 22 hospitals is now under one brand.

“It’s great that we can call ourselves by the same name,” Freese-Decker said. “This name is much better than the previous BHSH name. With this Corewell name, we can talk about ourselves and what we do together – about our core values ​​and what we are trying to achieve. In addition, it helps in the further development and development of our culture.”

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