Beaumont Layoffs 370 Employees Due To COVID Vaccination Mandate

Just over 1 percent of Beaumont Health System employees, or 370 of its approximately 33,000 employees, were suspended this week for not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, Crain’s system reported on Thursday.

Southfield Healthcare System announced that all employees, contractors and suppliers must receive the vaccine to continue working at the end of July with a later deadline of 18 October.

370 workers must receive the vaccine by November 16, or they will be fired, Mark Geary, head of communications at Beaumont, told Crain’s by email.

Another 70 employees quit due to a mandate that expired on 18 October.

Suspended workers can return to work after vaccination.

“We hope these 370 employees decide to get vaccinated and get back to work soon,” Giri said in a statement.

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Beaumont’s rival Henry Ford’s health care system parted with 400 employees earlier this month after these employees also refused the vaccine. They are allowed to return to work after being vaccinated, but so far no one has returned to the company, as Crain’s system in Detroit has confirmed.

The mandate, announced in June with an initial deadline of 10 September, comes at a time when hospitals across the state are facing labor shortages.

Henry Ford Health recently temporarily closed 120 beds, or about 7% of the total, due to its inability to serve potential patients. Most of the temporarily closed beds are located in Detroit and Jackson.

Beaumont and Michigan Medicine in Ann Arbor also closed beds due to staff shortages.

However, it is unclear whether the resignation will affect the possibility of further promotion of the staff bed.

The Michigan Medicine vaccination mandate expires on November 1.

The HFHS was the first major hospital system in the state to authorize a vaccine, although many others joined soon after.

Ultimately, however, powers will be revoked by decree of President Joe Biden. In August, Biden ordered Medicare and Medicaid Services Centers to mandate the COVID vaccine for all hospitals and health care providers that accept Medicare and Medicaid funding. This order is expected to be issued sometime this month.

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