Attorneys general criticize Biden’s vaccination order

The 21st GOP attorney general sent a letter to President Joe Biden on Wednesday stating that they believed his mandate to vaccinate against COVID-19 for federal contractors “has a shaky legal basis,” misleads contractors, and could aggravate supply chain problems.

They wrote that companies could be blacklisted under federal contracts if they did not vaccinate their workers in an “impossible time”.

“We urge you to instruct agencies to end the mandate, or at least provide clarity to agencies and federal contractors across the country and postpone the mandate date,” says a letter signed by the Texas, Mississippi attorneys general. Alaska and other states.

Republican officials have already threatened to sue over an order issued by Biden on September 9. Several legal experts have said they believe the Biden administration has a solid legal foundation with mandates to protect public safety.

The administration is expected to publish details of the implementation of the mandate shortly. Biden said companies with at least 100 employees will have to require all of their employees to be vaccinated or tested weekly. The mandate for federal contractors goes into effect in December and has no testing capability.

Many businesses, governments and schools are already setting COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

Employees at some federal contractors, including a shipbuilding firm and NASA’s Mississippi rocket engine test site, protested what they saw as excessive federal interference with privacy.

Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch said in a press release Wednesday that vaccinations must be an individual decision.

“Forcing people to vaccinate or lose their jobs is a misplaced premise … and the inept implementation of this idea demonstrates how utterly impracticable it is as a national policy,” Fitch said.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a decree on October 11 prohibiting private companies or other organizations from demanding the vaccine.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey on Monday instructed the state government not to cooperate with the federal mandate to vaccinate COVID-19 where possible.

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