Anti-Vaccinator Doctor Sentenced to Jail for Capitol Riot

The judge told Gold that her anti-vaccination activities did not affect the sentencing. Cooper said Gold was not a “passer by” on January 6.

The judge also said that Gold’s organization misled supporters into believing that her prosecution was politically motivated and violated her right to freedom of speech. Cooper called it “inappropriate” that American frontline doctors cited the Capitol riot to raise money, including for her salary.

“I think this is a real disservice to the true victims of that day,” he said.

In March, Gold pleaded guilty to entering and being in a restricted building, which carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison.

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More than 800 people have been charged with federal crimes related to the Capitol riots. More than 300 of them pleaded guilty, mostly to minor offenses, and almost 200 were convicted.

After the riot, Gold told The Washington Post that she followed the crowd to the Capitol, didn’t witness the violence, and didn’t think she was breaking any laws.

“Of course I can talk about the place where I was, and it most definitely was not a riot,” she said. “Where I was, it was incredibly calm.”

But prosecutors say she entered the Capitol just after a law enforcement officer was attacked and knocked to the ground in front of her. According to prosecutors, Gold also joined a mob that tried to break into the House of Representatives auditorium and then ignored police orders to leave the Sculpture Hall so she could finish her speech.

Prosecutors recommended Gold 90 days in jail, one year of parole and 60 hours of community service.

Gold spent two days in jail after her arrest in January 2021. Her lawyers demanded a sentence of serving time and 60 hours of community service. Gold agreed to pay $500 in compensation.

Prosecutors said Gold was not remorseful or took responsibility for her actions. They accused her of trying to profit from her crime, claiming that America’s Frontline Doctors raised over $430,000 through their website to cover her legal expenses.

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“It’s hard to believe that Gold could have spent about $430,000 on her criminal defense: she eventually pleaded guilty – in the face of overwhelming, easily identifiable evidence – without a single motion,” prosecutors wrote in the court document.

Defense attorney Dixon Young said that Gold paid her lawyers “out of her own pocket”. Young said that America’s Frontline Doctors kept the donated money.

Gold told The Post that she traveled to Washington to speak at the “Health Freedom Rally” on the east side of the Capitol on the afternoon of Jan. 6.

Gold was charged with John Strand, director of public relations for Doctors on the Frontline. Prosecutors also described him as Gold’s boyfriend.

Strand again pleaded not guilty to the charges against him, and the trial is due to begin on July 18. Prosecutors say Strand turned down their offer to reach a plea agreement.

Strand filmed Gold speaking in Sculpture Hall about her opposition to coronavirus vaccine mandates and government-imposed lockdowns. After being escorted out of the Statuary Hall by the police, Gold gave another speech in the Rotunda using a bullhorn while standing on a statue of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Gold and Strand spent nearly an hour at the Capitol before leaving.

The California Medical Board database shows that Gold is still licensed to practice medicine in the state. However, Gold’s lawyers say the board sent her a letter threatening to revoke her medical license for a “case of misinformation.”

“My reputation is completely undermined,” Gold said on Thursday.

Gold moved from California to Naples, Florida after her arrest. Defense attorney Kira West said Gold was receiving threats and was traveling with a bodyguard.

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