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  • Nikki Phillippi is a lifestyle and family influencer with 1.27 million YouTube subscribers.
  • Nikki and her husband Dan had a reaction after announcing that they had euthanized their dog in May.
  • The influencer has been the subject of online controversy in the past.
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YouTuber Nikki Phillippi and her husband, Dan Phillippi, have been under fire and in the center of the fire in recent weeks after announcing on social media that they had put their dog, Bowser, behind a aggressive behavior. Then, people online highlighted the previous content from the Phillippis as well as the old controversies.

Nikki Phillippi is a YouTuber with 1.27 million subscribers who typically posts family, lifestyle and Christian content. Over the years, followers have had the knowledge of her life with her husband Dan, and son Logan, alongside their dogs.

In Nikki’s previous videos that are resurfaced, she discusses health issues and family decisions. While Phillippi doesn’t seem to have deleted previous videos from his YouTube channel, the comments seem to have been turned off.

Phillippi has been under fire for promoting Young Living, a multi-tiered marketing company that sells essential oils

Phillippi he said in a 2018 video that she was a distributor for Young Living, a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells essential oils. It also has an Instagram account focused on essential oils that is currently privately placed, but linked in the description of the 2018 video mentioned above. The profile links to a page on the Young Living site.

Multiple Reddit threads on r / BeautyGuruChatter criticized Phillippi’s promotion of the company.

Insider’s Nicole Einbinder said that some Young Living vendors were making claims about the essential oils that cure cancer and coronavirus by 2020, and the company told Insider that it was “determined to prevent misleading claims regarding the COVID-19 pandemic “. Insider also reported in 2020 that 89% of Young Living members made, on average, $ 4 annually.

Phillippi was criticized for recommending a vitamin treatment for COVID-19

In March 2020, Phillippi released a video titled “My History of Viruses” with a medical disclaimer. In the video, she said she was being treated for what her family believed to be a viral infection with “high-dose intravenous vitamin C,” and recommended it as a treatment for COVID-19.

Insider reported in February 2020 that some wellness influencers have encouraged their followers to take high levels of vitamins to protect themselves from the coronavirus. Insider also reported in April 2020 that while some doctors gave patients COVID-19 vitamin C because their levels were low, it was not a “cure” for the disease.

Online reviews, as in a thread on the Gossip Guru forum, said Phillippi’s video title was “misleading” and the accusation of spreading false treatment COVID-19.

In late 2020, some said Phillippi was anti-vaccinated after comments she made in a Q&A

In an August 2020 video titled “Vaccines, CBD & Intimacy After Baby! Q&A 2020” Phillippi responded to a question by asking his feelings about vaccination.

Phillippi he said in the video that she doesn’t think she’s being called “anti-vaxxer” but is “pro-safety”. She explicitly recommended Del Bigtree, anti-vaccination activist and u founder of the anti-vaccination group Informed Consent Action Network, as their “single source” when it comes to vaccinations.

The video prompted online discussions, including one thread on the subreddit r / BeautyGuruChatter which included more users condemning their comments in the video.

Phillippi and her husband Dan have been under fire for putting their dog Bowser in 2021

In May, Nikki and Dan said they had killed their bull terrier, Bowser, after biting their son Logan.

“Bowser has had an aggressive side that has raised his ugly head several times over the years … and recently bitten Logan,” Nikki wrote in the caption of an Instagram post that is now not publicly available. . “After a lot of advice, we decided it was time for Bowser to move quietly.”


In a YouTube video, Phillippi said they had tried to find a home for Bowser, but were told after consulting with a human society that relocating was not an option.

His followers and other YouTubers have criticized the decision, with some accusing the couple of “cruelty to animals” and saying they had to find another solution.

Liv Hagen, director of shelter behavior services at the Human Animal Society based in Minnesota, told the Insider that while he could not specifically comment on Phillippi’s case, that situations involving aggressive pets need nuance.

“An end-of-life decision isn’t something anyone wants to ever do,” Hagen told Insider. “If that’s the case where the animal is really dangerous – again, making that decision in consultation with experts and professionals – then maybe it’s an appropriate discussion to have with the expert you work with. And how stressful as it is. , it happens sometimes. “

A video of Nikki and Dan discussing canceling an adoption from Thailand has resurfaced amid controversy

As Insider’s Moses Mendez II reported, people online have resurrected a video in which the couple discuss canceling an adoption from Thailand amid controversy surrounding Bowser’s death.

In the video, which is still publicly available on Phillippi’s YouTube channel with the comments off, Nikki and Dan talked about deciding not to adopt a child from Thailand given what they say was a social policy that is part of Thai law. According to Holt International, the adoption agency that the Phillippis said they worked for, the law limits the release of “information, photos, videos and films of the adopted child to the media or the Internet before termination by the Act. Thai “.

Phillippi returned to YouTube in July and relaunched his Patreon

On July 14, Phillippi posted a video titled “Long time no see,” breaking a two-month break on social media following the controversy surrounding Bowser’s death.

In the video, Phillippi said she believes she and Dan had downplayed Bowser’s aggressive behavior in the video announcing his death. She also said she had decided to take a break from social media for mental health reasons, saying she had received death threats, been “dirty” online, and lost sponsorships.

Phillippi also announced that she was relaunching it

, which appears to have paused publication in 2019. His Patreon is now open with a $ 5 subscription level, and Phillippi said that while she keeps the comments off on YouTube for the time being, she will post videos on Patreon where employers will have the ability to comment.

Nikki Phillippi did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

This article was published in May. It was updated after Nikki Phillippi returned to YouTube in July.

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