Achieve ‘three billion’ health targets ahead of the start of the World Cup: WHO |

On Saturday, people around the world “Walk in conversation.” achieve goals: Another billion people will receive universal health care, another billion people will receive emergency assistance, and another billion will receive better health and well-being.

“Walking in Solidarity”

To celebrate the importance of health and well-being, WHO and the Qatar Ministry of Public Health, in partnership with the international football body FIFA and the Supreme Committee for Development and Heritage, are inviting people from all over the planet to join in person and remotely Walk the Talk: Health for All Challenge.

Continuing the legacy of promoting physical activity and health for all, the series will take place in Doha for the first time, before the 2022 FIFA World Cup takes place in Qatar on Monday.

The event will serve as a key moment to gather safely, celebrate the importance of a healthy lifestyle and showcase the steps needed to ensure the delivery and preservation of the legacy of healthy and safe mega-sport events.

Open to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, WHO supported: “There is no better way to prepare for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar than to walk in solidarity with #Sport4Health!”

Accept the challenge

While those who participate in person can choose between running or walking the 3- or 5-kilometer route starting at Al Bidda Pyramid Park/Qatar National Flag, others can join virtually by tracking their performances through a dedicated app that can be downloaded. on Google Play and Apple Store.

“Grab your (fully charged!) mobile phone and turn on the app,” the WHO urged, reminding that participants can challenge two others who have already completed the task on their own.

healthy duet

Offering people of all abilities and ages everywhere the chance to live happier, healthier and more productive lives, the WHO argued that “sport and health go hand in hand”.

In this way, WHO Sports and Health Program was created to help people around the world lead healthy lives by promoting participation in sports and working with the sports community to improve health for all.

The overall objective of the Program is to accelerate progress in third The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), which is to promote healthy lifestyles and promote well-being through the implementation of 13th WHO General Program of Work to achieve universal health coverage.

Creating a Goal

Through Healthy World Cup 2022 WHO and Qatar have teamed up with FIFA to ensure that the world’s largest single sporting event, which runs from 21 November to 18 December, is healthy and safe.

The project aims to ensure this by turning the event into an efficient, sustainable and long-lasting model that promotes the integration of health, safety and wellbeing for future major sporting events.

Walk The Talk Doha: WHO Goodwill Ambassador Alisson Becker expresses her support

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