About 32,000 Kaiser Permanente workers plan to strike on November 15

About 32,000 Kaiser Permanente workers in California and Oregon are planning a strike on November 15, the California United Nursing Association / Alliance of Health Professionals said Thursday.

The union represents 21,000 employees in the nonprofit integrated health care system in Oakland, California. Thousands more workers, who are part of the Oregon Federation of Nurses and Medical Professionals, and a local representative of the Steelworkers’ Union also notified the company of their intention to go on strike on November 15. Union contracts with Kaiser Permanente expired on October 1 and union members voted for a work permit. action weeks later. About 2,000 Kaiser Permanenta employees from the National Union of Health Care Professionals also approved a strike last month, but never went on strike.

Kaiser Permanente could not be reached for comment. A strike can be prevented if the union backs down or the company yields to the demands of the working groups.

“The lives of our patients and the health of our communities depend on the outcome of these negotiations. For several weeks, we have been moving away from a two-tier pay package that would affect our ability to recruit, hire, and retain in dire straits. scarcity of nurses, healthcare professionals and professionals – salary offers that resemble those of a solidarity corporation rather than the leading healthcare provider our members helped create, ”said President of the United California Nursing Associations / Alliance of Health Professionals Denise Duncan, Registered Nurse , the press release says.

“For healthcare workers, a strike is always a last resort, but it is clear from the employer’s recent proposals that they have chosen this path,” Duncan said.

The union has called Kaiser Permanente’s latest proposal a “Trojan horse” for a two-tier pay system. During negotiations, unions objected to the company’s proposal to offer lower compensation to new employees than current employees. In addition, the health care system has offered a 2% wage increase to workers who already work there.

If the strike continues, it will be the first time since 1980 that the California United Nursing Association / Alliance of Health Professionals initiated a work cessation against Kaiser Permanente. The union was close to going on strike 15 years later, but eventually reached an agreement with the health care system.

Federal labor law requires health unions to notify employers 10 days before a strike. According to the union, the open-ended strike will begin at 7:30 am Pacific Standard Time. In southern California, the strike will hit 366 facilities, including hospitals, health centers, clinics, Target clinics and office buildings.

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