A personal trainer shows a “soft belly” and says that men should “accept hesitation”

  • Personal Trainer James Smith encourages men to hug their soft bellies.
  • Smith posted a video on Instagram in which he and fellow trainer Diren Kartal in swimming trunks.
  • He said he put on weight but doesn’t mind because he “had a really good time.”

British personal trainer James Smith encourages men to hug their soft bellies.

Smith posted video on Instagram, where he and fellow personal trainer Diren Kartal played with a soccer ball in skin-tight swimming trunks with the hashtag “teamsoftbelly”.

He wrote that the video received a huge response, and people thanked him for the transparency.

A post posted by James Smith (@jamessmithpt)

Smith said he currently weighs a little more than his normal weight, but he accepts and owns it.

The coach, who has 865,000 Instagram followers, wrote that he enjoyed picnics and travel, and while in good shape, he consumed more calories than he burned, “and that’s okay.”

Smith is demonstrating what most personal trainers don’t do, he says.

“Most people use social media to hide these situations by reprinting old photos or using smart angles and lighting,” Smith said on Instagram. “Most personal trainers would cry over plain chicken and broccoli instead of allowing themselves to thicken a little. Most personal trainers would use a still image against anything that counts as wobble on their Instagram, “referring to how his video showed his stomach trembling.

Smith said this does not detract from their ability as personal trainers.

V video posted two days earlier, Smith said that while he doesn’t feel most confident about his top at the moment and is a little worried that he “let himself go,” he doesn’t mind because he “had a really good time.”

“I’m going back to drinking, drinking, partying,” Smith said, even as a personal trainer.

After a month away from the gym, Smith tries to return to it, but emphasizes the importance of doing it carefully.

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