A Lake Tahoe resident plays the violin as he evacuates the Kaldor fire.

  • Residents were forced to evacuate to escape the growing Kaldor fire in Northern California.
  • The Lake Tahoe violinist played the violin while the evacuees stopped moving.
  • The fire started on 14 August. It covered over 175,000 acres on Monday night, and 14% of it was localized.

Violinist and Lake Tahoe resident Mel Smothers was captured on video playing his violin amid traffic jams as more than 22,000 residents flee the growing Kaldor fire in Northern California, according to data Chronicles of San Francisco

The fire, located east of Sacramento and south of Reno, has burned 177,260 acres and has been localized 14% as of 6 p.m. local time Monday, according to data Cal fire… Mandatory evacuation orders and evacuation warnings are in effect for most of Eldorado County, California, according to the Eldorado County Sheriff’s Department. evacuation site

South Lake Tahoe received an evacuation order on Monday. The flames engulfed another 25,000 acres in 24 hours, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Currently, 3684 people, 25 helicopters, 353 engines, etc. are working on extinguishing the fire.

The Kaldor fire began on 14 August. The cause of the fire has not yet been established.

Have a look at the fiddler here:

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