A 25-Year-Old Got Circumcised After Phimosis Diagnosis, Foreskin Pain


  • A man revealed on TikTok how he was circumcised at 25 years old.
  • Robert Walker said he had phimosis, a condition where the foreskin cannot be removed from a penis.
  • Walker told his TikTok followers that the procedure lasted 30 minutes, and healed in about three weeks.
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A man shared how he was circumcised when he was 25 in one TikTok video series.

Robert Walker he told BuzzFeed he struggled with his foreskin being too tight since he was a child. His condition, called fimosi, they prevented him from being able to pull back the foreskin without pain.

Normally, phimosis occurs in children and resolves when the child reaches 5 or 7 years of age.

For Walker, the condition followed him until his adolescence and early 20s. Simple things like cleaning up and having sex became a point of anxiety for Walker, as he told BuzzFeed that retiring the foreskin felt like a “thin tear or a minor cut”.

“I feel restricted both physically and mentally when it comes to talking to someone who interests me and explaining to them not to pull too hard, or not to do this, or that. I just wanted to get to the point,” Walker told BuzzFeed.

Walker’s circumcision took 30 minutes and healed in three weeks

When Walker was 25, he decided to circumcise himself to improve his quality of life.


Adult circumcision is usually performed using local anesthesia, meaning that the patient is awake for the procedure while the area is annulated. During the surgery, a doctor removes the foreskin and releases the head from the penis.

According to My Health Alberta Canada, the procedure lasts from 30 minutes to an hour. The healing process is quick and the incision site usually takes three to four weeks to heal completely.

Walker said he was all healed in about three weeks and is very happy he made the decision.

“Now that my head shows up, I’m BRILLING,” he told BuzzFeed. “Also, the size. It seemed to look bigger after the surgery, and because of those two things, I’m just happy.”

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