6 ‘Healthy’ Foods Packed With Sugar, Fats: Smoothies, Granola

Season with low-fat salad

The salads purchased at the store contain tons of sugar and added salt.

Rebecca Harrington / Technique Insider

Most dietitians will tell you low fat is not the same thing as healthy, and they would be right.

Dietary salad additives compensate for their lack of fat with an outrageous amount of extra sugar, salt and preservatives. For example, a two-tablespoon portion of Ken’s Fat-Free Dried Tomato Vinaigrette contains more sugar than a fun-sized Snickers bar, according to Eat this, not that.

Stark advised making a vine with olive oil, vinegar, and fresh herbs and condiments at home to cut flat sugars. He also said not to hang on to limiting fat – without some healthy fat in your diet, you won’t be properly absorbing certain key nutrients from your salad.

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