5 tips to fall asleep fast

  • Some of the best natural sleeping pills and remedies include melatonin, CBD, or bedtime meditation.
  • If you want to fall asleep faster, try regular exercise and good sleep hygiene.
  • For good sleep hygiene, try to fall asleep and wake up around the same time each day.
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Insomnia is often acute or transient, which means you have intermittent sleep problems for less than three months.

Acute insomnia is mainly caused by stress, such as an important life event or major challenge, and it usually goes away on its own once the stressor is over. However, there are also several key lifestyle changes that can dramatically improve the quality of your sleep.

Chronic insomnia is a more serious condition in which sleep disturbances occur at least three times a week for more than three months. Usually, therapy or medication is required along with these lifestyle changes.

Whether your sleep problems are short-term or long-term, here’s how you can get rid of insomnia and improve sleep with these 5 natural remedies.

1. Practice good sleep hygiene.

Good sleep hygiene can help people with insomnia.

This includes going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, limiting naps, and not drinking caffeine before bed. It can also be important to have a daily routine before bed.

“You can take a hot bath or have a cup of chamomile tea an hour before bed, which can be helpful in slowing down your mind and body,” says Nate Favini, MD, the department’s lead physician. Forward, medical and preventive primary health care institution.

In addition, you should avoid excessive screen time, especially before bed, as this was also associated insomnia.

2. Exercise.

BUT Scientific review 2018 found exercise helped people with insomnia and, in particular, allowed them to fall asleep faster.

Besides, Research 2018 middle-aged women found that women who exercised at least three days a week were less likely to experience insomnia.

It is known that exercise help with hormonal regulation and reduce stress, which may explain why it helps treat insomnia. Plus, Favini says, it’s just easier to fall asleep when you’re more tired of exercise.

For the best results, charging in the morning or eveningbut avoid strenuous exercise after lunch.

3. Meditate

Insomnia often occurs “when your mind just doesn’t shut off,” says Michael J. Nussbaum, MD, director of surgery and medicine. Nussbaum Medical Centers in New Jersey.


can treat insomnia by helping you learn to calm your mind, and research has shown that meditation brings many health benefits, including improving sleep.

For example, small study in 2015 looked at 49 adults with sleep disorders. Participants were randomly assigned to a control group or a group that received a six-week awareness briefing. At the end of the study, the attentive group had lower rates of insomnia than the control group.

4. Try CBD.

Some people believe that CBD (cannabidiol) – the non-hallucinogenic chemical in marijuana – can be effective for the treatment of insomnia.

In a small Research 2019 Of the 72 adults who reported stress and anxiety, 66.7% of patients taking CBD reported improved sleep within the first month. Another Scientific review 2019 found that CBD is associated with faster falling asleep, continued sleep, and better sleep quality.

However, the scientific review says research on CBD is limited, so you should talk to your doctor before trying to figure out if this treatment is right for you.

5. Take melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone that makes you feel tired. Your body makes melatonin naturally and usually increases its production before bed.

However, if you think your insomnia is caused by insufficient melatonin production at night, you can buy a melatonin supplement and take it about an hour before bed, Favini says. BUT Scientific Review 2020 The results were mixed: Although studies showed that people who took melatonin supplements fell asleep faster and slept longer, there was no consensus on whether this was clinically relevant.

This means that while melatonin affects insomnia to some extent, scientists are not sure if it actually affects the lives of people with insomnia.

Insider’s conclusion

If none of these home remedies work for you, it’s worth seeing a doctor to help you figure out how to effectively treat your sleep problems. Additional treatments may be needed, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, light therapy, or prescription drugs.

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