Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Gameplay Trailer – All New Details Revealed

Fuse (new ability)

Image: Nintendo

One of the new abilities prescribed by Link in Tears of the Kingdom is Fuse, a handy little tool that will allow the Hyrule hero to fuse two or more objects to create something new.

This can be used to enhance a weapon (a simple stick turns into a makeshift hammer by fusing it to a boulder) or to make combat easier (attach Keyes’ eyeball to an arrow for a homing attack).

It also looks like you can use this ability to go all out tactical and trap your enemies. In the gameplay trailer, Link connected Puffshroom to his shield and used it to blind an incoming enemy. It may not be the most beautiful way to protect, but we have to admit that it’s smart.

For now, we’ll only give Fuse one section, but the crafting possibilities and the many ways available to solve any given problem by combining different items and objects is one of the most exciting elements we’ve seen in the game so far.

Remember (new ability)

Zelda: Recall of Tears of the Kingdom
Image: Nintendo

Recall is another new ability that we’ve been thinking about since one of the first game trailers. This ability gives you the ability to rewind an object’s movements, allowing you to jump aboard falling rocks and climb them back towards the Sky Islands.

The summoned object can also be stopped along the way, allowing you to climb the rock to a certain level before jumping off to explore the area a little lower.

Can we use this ability like Stasis from Breath of the Wild and get creative in combat? We very much hope so. Come on, you can’t deny that the idea of ​​trapping enemies under fallen debris isn’t very cool.

Ultrahand (new ability)

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Ultrahand
Image: Nintendo

Much like the Fuse ability, Ultrahand can be used to move faster through Hyrule’s vast and (let’s face it) often punishing terrain. Instead of swimming across wide rivers or climbing to great heights, you can build a boat or hovercraft to get there faster – a good chance to get creative.

By arranging various materials, the Ultrahand’s ability (whose name is certainly a reference to Nintendo’s very first toy, the Ultra Hand) glues them together using a sticky green substance.

The available settings seem extensive – for example, there is not only one set of “anchor points” in the log. As shown in the trailer, moving two objects together and slightly adjusting their position will cause them to stick differently. There seems to be huge potential for personalized cars.

Looking at the small amount of Hyrule we saw in the trailer, it looks like there are materials lying around that can be picked up and built into some form of vehicle.

Climb (new ability)

Zelda: Rise of Tears of the Kingdom
Image: Nintendo

We’re all stuck in Breath of the Wild, trying to get to the highlands but not seeing the way up, right? Climb is a new ability that allows Link to jump over overhead surfaces and appear in the level above them.

The trailer shows this power in action as Link heads into the cave before climbing through the ceiling onto the mountainside above. Best of all, there’s even a cool swimming animation when going through deeper surfaces that we can’t help but love.

This is another sign of that green energy flow we’ve seen in previous trailers. We know that Sheik’s Slate was an integral part of entering these areas in Breath of the Wild, so maybe the powers coming from Link’s Gummi Hand will serve as a replacement this time around.


Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Dive
Image: Nintendo

As the famous saying goes, “what goes up must go down”, and when we talk about playing with literal islands in the sky, it seems even more true.

The ascent or return seems to be one of the main routes to these areas, but the descent seems to be much more steep. Bringing back the paragliding mechanic from Breath of the Wild, you’ll be able to jump (or fall) off floating islands and either free fall to take in the view or dive straight down to get there faster.

All this can be completed with an elegant plop down into some nearby water if you aim accurately enough – just don’t hit the land…

OLED kingdom tears theme switch

Zelda: Tears of the OLED Kingdom
Image: Nintendo

Gameplay details aside, the trailer also gave us our first official look at the long-rumored Tears of the Kingdom Switch OLED special edition, as well as the pro controller and carrying case.

All of them will be released in the coming months and you can find the full details in our report below.

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