Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Everything We Know So Far

Update: We’ve carefully revised this article and added a whole bunch of new information about the biggest game of 2023. Feel free to delve into our BOTV2 Breakdowns of TOTK trailers and, I hope, find answers to your burning questions…

Polishing the last few shrines and giving Calamity something to Ganon in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s final battle was a bittersweet act. After such a wonderful, rich journey, it’s time to say goodbye to Link, Zelda, and the biggest, most expansive iteration of Hyrule we’ve ever visited – what were we going to do with ourselves?

Sure, we’re back to devour the DLC and ride around the kingdom on our motorcycle, clearing out a few hundred kor seeds, but then the wait began for the next “proper” Zelda game. Sure, we’ve had Cadence of Hyrule, a Link’s Awakening remake, a Skyward Sword remake, and Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity in the intervening time, and there are plenty of Zelda-like games available for the Switch, but nothing. just like the full Zelda experience.

We already knew that a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild was in the works after Nintendo revealed it during the E3 2019 Direct. But after E3 2020 was cancelled, we couldn’t take another look at the game until Nintendo Presentation at E3 2021 Direct.

In March 2022, the game’s release was delayed until spring 2023 as series producer Eiji Aonuma tweeted further delays… and a (very short) clip from the game! Then, in September 2022, Nintendo finally announced the title – The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – and the exact release date: May 12, 2023. Cross this day off your calendar, folks.

So, grab the Master Sword and let’s get lost (in the forest)…

FAQs about Zelda TOTK

When will he come out?

May 12, 2023

Will there be a physical version?

Absolutely – here’s the box art:

Image: Nintendo

How much does it cost?

We would guess $60/£60/€70. Maybe more.

What is it about?

We’re not entirely sure. Link seems to be in it, Zelda in it (at least for a little while), plus a dead guy who looks like Ganondorf, and Hyrule torn apart, with a lot of new islands launched into the sky… something. Something bad, apparently. And tears… kingdoms… mmm. Whatever that means.

Instead, read our crazy and unconfirmed theories if you like!

Is it set in the same world as Breath of the Wild?

Yes and no. Lower Hyrule seems very similar, but the islands above feel new – covered in yellow foliage and temples we’ve never seen before. There is also evidence of caves that we haven’t explored yet… but otherwise, most of the world does seem very similar. It’s up to you to decide if that’s good or bad!

Is this a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild?

It is hard to say. For a long time it was called “The Breath of the Wild Sequel” and some trailers showed that Link and Zelda are more or less like their BOTW versions… but there are also a lot of elements that could have been there. before BOT too. So who knows!

Is there a DLC?

Slow down your Eponas, mate! The game isn’t even out yet! But … let’s venture that yes. Eventually.

Is Zelda dead?

She may be. That would be a bit of a bummer.

Release date and title, September 2022

title card
Image: Nintendo

The day we’ve all been waiting for: Release date announcement. And the title! An unexpected double whammy. This September, the Nintendo Direct was leaked a little ahead of time as “Zelda Breakout”, only to be a slightly lighter Zelda breeze, but we didn’t mind too much with a new 90-second trailer, release date, and title.

This title: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

What does it mean? We do not know! Do you think Nintendo tells us anything about Zelda? Absolutely not.

However, we can speculate… and hell, we did. Read our three pages of Zelda theories right here.

But to sum up what we have learned for some from this latest trailer we didn’t know yet:

  • The release date is May 12, 2023.
  • Title: Tears of the Kingdom.
  • Link has a new glider
  • There are seven… something. Tears? Dungeons? Bosses? Collecting? We do not know.
  • Link’s ability to rewind time is important and useful.
  • Link can still climb, run, and dive.
  • Hyrule is confused
  • Terrain changed from BOTW
  • The logo has dragons
  • Link has new equipment – strange turquoise bubbles on his belt.

Oh, and we also made a video:

Breath of the Wild Sequel Delay Announcement March 2022 Trailer

Eiji Aonuma announces the game has been pushed back to Spring 2023, breaking the hearts of Zelda fans everywhere… but possibly leaving 2022 open to Wind Awakening HD remake, right? Right?

Not much new information was included in this 90-second video, but a small snippet of new footage is still worth parsing and parsing, so let’s get started!

We start the new footage with Link coming out of the ground, as we’ve seen before…

Image: Nintendo

But it turns into Link looking at some kind of glowing spherical thing. Does it matter that his sword glows blue and his glowing orb yellow? Who knows!

Image: Nintendo

Link then reaches for the Master Sword, which we recognize by its hilt, and sees those long, manicured nails… which we also mentioned in the E3 2021 teaser (see page two).

Link to long nails
Image: Nintendo

But… oh no! The main sword is all… melted! And Link’s hand also glowing yellow! The blue/yellow glow has also been featured in past trailers and teasers, so it presumably means something.

Botw2 Newlead2
Image: Nintendo

In past Zelda games, blue represented a lot of things: magic, the goddess Naira, part of the “Wisdom” of the Triforce, and everything related to water, such as the Zora race. It is also the color that represents Zelda herself (wielding the Triforce of Wisdom) and everything related to spirits and guidance, such as Navi in ​​Ocarina of Time and Fai, the incarnation of the Master Sword, in Skyward Sword.

Yellow, on the other hand, usually represents the desert levels and electricity, but the other two goddesses—Din, goddess of Strength, and Farore, goddess of Courage—are green and red. It’s hard to say if this is the right way! It can be just beautiful colors!

Link’s hand glows on back, where the Triforce usually spawns. Link’s Triforce Wedge is Courage (Zelda is Wisdom, Ganon (dorf) is Strength) – so maybe yellow represents Courage/Farore in this game? This would make sense since Farosh the dragon is Faror’s equivalent in this game, along with Dinraal and Naidra, and Farosh is… electric dragon. INTERESTING.

However, the melting of the Master Sword seems to be quite important – in past trailers, we haven’t seen the Master Sword in particular, as Link has always used some other weapon. What melted the sword? Everything will be fine? Will there be a quest in BOTW 2 about reforging the sword? We’ll have to wait about a year to find out.

Other important features to look out for are: Link has tattoos, lovely long hair, and a completely black hand (that could be tattoos or some kind of hand curse), and most importantly, Link has no nipples. Is this a plot point? it may be.

Scroll down to pages two and three to read our breakdowns of the 2021 teaser and 2019 trailer…

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