YouTuber Makes Chris Pratt’s Mario Real With Unreal Engine

YouTube screenshot shows a reimagining of Super Mario Bros.  with a Hollywood cast.

It’s him, Chris Pratt.
Screenshot: Reimagined games / Kotaku

It feels like it was only yesterday when Shigeru Miyamoto pulled out the gumba carpet from under our collective gaming asses with the surprise announcement of a weird Hollywood cast coming up Super Mario Bros. movie. While casting Chris Pratt for the lead role frightened manythis served as inspiration for one visual artist to reimagine the Mushroom Kingdom with his own pratt-like-Mario is furious.

First noticed Eurogameryoutuber by name Games reimagined uploaded original video Super Mario Bros. being remade using Unreal Engine. To give the trailer a little more believability, Re-Imagined Games used an AI voice bot that mimics John Bailey, voice of “Honest Trailer” tell trailer. If you want to know how Re-Imagined Games, um, reimagined Super Mario Bros. with Pratt, you’re in luck because the only other videos on their YouTube channel contain a behind-the-scenes look at how it came to be. Nintendo, really hire this guy.

Games reimagined

In terms of gameplay, Re-Imagined Games has done a great job reimagining all the bells and whistles needed to play the game. Super Mario Bros.. game, albeit with realistic textures from Unreal Engine. You have hyper-realistic giant goomba turtles, floating mystery boxes, shimmering coins and legendary pipe tunnels. The only thing missing is Jack Black’s chimera monster body. Animated in bowse. Thank god he only exists in the trailer as a sentient yellow block.

Instead of cowering in fear like the rest of normal people, Re-Imagined Games said they were excited about the upcoming animated film. Actually, the announcement of the film served as an impetus for a digital artist to learn how to make video games with Unreal Engine because they really wanted to see what it would look like if Pratt, Charlie Day, Anya Taylor-Joy, Keegan-Michael Key and Jack Black roam in a realistic mushroom kingdom. Respect.

“With zero game development experience, I’m learning the unreal engine from the ground up and picking up any other skills I can along the way to make this legitimately great action game,” Re-Imagined Games’ video description reads. .

If you weren’t emotionally scarreded from watching this fan trailer and think you have enough stock to quickly update the status of the actual trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie get ready. I’ll give you a second to recover. Nobody should be exposed to what Chris Pratt in one sitting. All right, it’s been long enough. llet’s continue.

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Those who initially feared scheduled holiday release Super Mario Bros. movie were able to breathe a sigh of relief when back in April was delayed until April 2023. However, the film’s delay won’t stop the high possibility that we’ll hear Chris Pratt’s Mario voice say a single word during the debut of its first official trailer next week. at the New York Comic-Con.

After Super Mario Bros. casting announcement, a minority of fans jokingly commented on the initalian erasuregoing on due to Pratt’s involvement. These concerns were further heightened after Pratt ominously stated that his accent would be “unlike anything you’ve heard in the Mario world before.Chris Meledandri, CEO of Illumination Animation Studio, thenIt must be emphasized that the vocal performance of a cult character by a Hollywood actor will not be offensive to those of Italian descent.

For those of you who won’t be consuming the trailer for the upcoming New York Comic Con with the anticipation of leaving from Prattman’s rampant spectacle as Mario is forever changed like Moses descending from Mount Sinai, you can be sure that we are in Kotaku will serve as your security blanket and scour the said trailer looking for any details you may have missed since its release. We blog becausewe care.

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