YouTube Confirms Copyright Claims for GilvaSunner’s Channel Came From Nintendo

Image: Nintendo

Over the past few weeks, GilvaSunner’s popular video game YouTube music channel has been blocked by thousands of copyrights from Nintendo. As a result, the creator of the channel closed it last Friday.

While there isn’t much more to say about the result, theories surfaced on social media that the copyright claims were untrue and did not in fact come from Nintendo. One tweet in particular stated that the claims were “probably not from Nintendo” and received over 23,000 likes.

The verified YouTube account has now responded via Twitter, confirming that it was indeed Nintendo that filed these copyright claims. It is further noted that “these [claims] all are valid and fully comply with copyright rules.” GilvaSunner also retweeted this confirmation.

“By entering into the conversation, we can confirm that the grievances against the @GilvaSunner channel come from Nintendo. All of them are valid and fully comply with copyright rules. If the creator believes that the claims were made in error, he may dispute…”

So there you have it – Nintendo was indeed behind the removal of music from video games on the GilvaSunner channel.

All sorts of Nintendo songs have been removed from this YouTube channel from series such as Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash. Bros, Kirby, Baby Icarus, Mum/Earthbound and Luigi’s mansion.

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