You Must See This Awesome Metroid Game Made In Game Builder Garage

Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage may not have become as popular as the company hoped, but talented gamers are still busy making great little games using software technology.

A basic An example of this, if you’ll pardon the pun, is Metroid Attack !, a game made by the people behind the YouTube channel. Looygi Bros. This is a shooting range mini-game in which the player has to destroy 50 Metroids; fiendish enemies will swoop down on you in waves, and with some clever programming, the wave patterns won’t always be the same.

In the video above, the Looygi Bros. guides us through several stages of game development, from the initial concept to the final assembly. We’re sure you’ll agree that the impressive work of Samus and the Metroid sprites does make the project complete, but it’s all highly polished:

The creators even made this dummy SNES box art for their game. (Image: Looygi Bros.)

If you want to try it yourself, the game id G 002 72C KTL

Let us know if you manage to beat all 50!

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