You can pre-order your party starting today


Today marks the day you can reserve Playdate, a weird but cute laptop from Firewatch and Untitled Goose Game publisher, Panic. If the device has caught your curiosity and attention, get your wallet ready in a couple of hours.

Pre-orders begin at 10:00 AM PT on Playdate website… The system costs $ 179 and includes a handheld computer, the first batch of 24 downloadable games (delivered weekly), and a USB-C to USB-A cable. You can also reserve a Playdate case for $ 29, or purchase a kit with a case and PDA for $ 199.

If you can’t be there when the gate opens, don’t worry. Panic has already assured customers that it will continue to accept pre-orders beyond today. Those who reserve early will receive their devices earlier, and that’s it. Panic has yet to announce a launch date for Playdate, but is tentatively slated to begin shipping later this year.


If you missed out on Panic’s deep dive presentation last month, here’s what Playdate entails in a nutshell. The small device allows players to play simple downloadable games on a black and white screen. It has a familiar button layout as well as a large knob that doubles as an analog joystick. Season-named game packs are automatically downloaded to your device two games per week with 24 original titles in Season 1. The titles themselves are created by indie developers big and small, and Return of the Obra Dinn creator Lucas Pope is working on the original Playdate game.

Playdate is an exclusive item designed to offer more new features than a “premium” portable device like the 3DS. It will be interesting to see how it works and, of course, what the games themselves look like.

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