YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG Gets a Free Upgrade to Definitive Edition This Year

YIIK: The post-modern RPG will get an overhaul in 2022 with a new definitive edition free update, Ysbryd Games has revealed.

called YIC IV, the update will launch on Switch, PS4, Steam and GOG and is said to be a reimagining of the original Japanese-style RPG with many improvements. The game’s publisher says it expects “more engaging combat, reworked story events, new characters, reworked cutscenes, new music, and more intertwined with the existing game.”

Here’s what to expect:

REVISED BACKUP SCENES. Take a fresh look at YIIK by experiencing the most attractive and affordable version to date.

NEW STORY CONTENT. Meet new characters, challenge new story bosses and dungeons, and spend more time with secondary characters.

THE QUALITY OF LIFE. Succeed with improved combat, reduced load times, and a host of other improvements.

NEW TUNES – IV features over 45 minutes of new, never-before-seen music.

If you haven’t heard of YIIK before, we highly recommend you check out our review of the original game, which is still available for download on the Switch web store. We gave the game a solid 8/10, calling it “a dazzling explosion of styling and irresistible weirdness.”

Keep in mind that the upcoming release of YIIK IV will be offered as a free upgrade for those who own the base game and will release at some point in 2022.


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