Xenoblade Chronicles 3 rated in Australia

Launching on Nintendo Switch in September

Nintendo Direct last week went with a bang – revealing Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Coming to Switch this September.

Now that the secret is out, the Australian Classification Board has rated the game. It received an “M” classification for “Mature” and contains “fantasy and violence themes”. This ‘M’ rating is in line with the local ratings assigned Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition as well as Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Image: via ACB

And here’s a bit about the game in case you missed last week’s announcement:

A vast world awaits in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the next game in the famous RPG series from developer MONOLITHSOFT. Players will take on the roles of protagonists Noah and Mio in the midst of unrest between the hostile peoples of Quevesh and Agnus. Six characters from these nations will take part in a grandiose fairy tale, the central theme of which will be “life”. Explore a new world that will connect the future of both Xenoblade Chronicles as well as Xenoblade Chronicles 2coming to Nintendo Switch in September 2022.”

Are you looking forward to playing this Switch exclusive later this year? Leave a comment below.


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