Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Chain Attack Guide

Warning: As with all of our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 guides, the following article contains spoilers.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s remarkable strategic combat system has several overlapping systems at work. From returned elements like auto attacks, positional attacksclass tactics such as drawing agro and perform combos that break and drop your enemies, up to new things like this freaky new Binding machinations in which you turn into powerful killing machines.

On top of all this, we also have Chain attackswhich at first glance might seem a little complicated, so let’s take a quick look at what makes them work.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Chain Attack Guide

As you fight opponents in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you gradually fill up your Chain attack indicator, which is located on the right side of the screen during normal battles, as shown in the picture below. When this is ready, it will flash and a quick press of the “+” button will see you enter the game’s chain attack state.

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Once in a chain attack you will be presented with Chain order a screen with several different characters, each with their own attack order that can be performed. Review these attack orders and take a look at the bonuses you get for successfully completing them. For example, if you chose Mio’s Order “Lightning”your bonus will be to reduce the aggression of attackers and healers by 100%, as shown in Completion Bonus Details are right under the order selection. Noah’s brave attack gives attacks a 100% chance to bypass defenses and so on.

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Successfully completing an order of your choice grants you this bonus, and this bonus will last for the duration of the chain attack at hand, stacking with any others you accumulate. Sweet. Now let’s pick an order, we’re going to go with Noah because we need a defense neutralizing bonus, and once we’ve done that, we’ll start attacking. Look below and you will see our available characters in the bottom left corner of the screen. It is important to note here that anyone who is out of order when you first launch the chain attack will be unusable, so think about that when you’re about to start. It is also important to note that as soon as you use a character, he is out of the current chain of attacks, unless he gets reactivatedand reactivation we will consider a little later.

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But first, let’s look at our available characters as we enter the attack order. Everyone has numbers above their heads, these are Tactical glasses (TP). The number above each fighter’s head is the smallest amount of TP you will receive if you decide to use them per turn. Why do we need to calculate TP? Well, in the top right corner you have TP sensor and we need this TP scale to be over the 99% mark in order to complete the order successfully. So, essentially, our job here is to choose characters that will bring this number to 100% and above. Once we’re there, we can sit back and watch a cool animation when your enemy gets slapped. The further you go from 100%, the higher your damage multiplier rises in the lower right corner of your screen and the more energy we tear off the health bar of our opponent.

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This is where chain attacks now start to add up to many beautiful layers of strategy once you get used to them and start consider not only the TP numbers involved or the bonus you will receive, but what kind of attacks you perform and how they affect both of you during the chain attack. as well as after.

If you’re picking an attacker, you need to consider which attack to use in order to deal as much damage as possible while raising TP as high as that base number. For example, Noah starts at TP 30, so that’s our base, but depending on what attack we use, how many times it hits, its position and type, it will add another bunch of TP to that amount.. It may seem complicated at first, but you will soon understand which attacks lead to large numbers.

In addition to this, we need consider other aspects such as healing and buffs. If your group is in bad shape, low health, you need to carry out healing attacks to restore your health in order to get out of the chain attack in good shape.. That way – and this is something you might want to consider once you get used to it all – you can save yourself the hassle of using a chain attack in combat, just to use it when you’re in dire need of healing. Healers can also lower your enemy’s defense, and you can also increase your team’s defense. There are a lot of things to consider here besides the TP scale which is just filling up.

Now there are a few other rules that will always apply once you have chosen the chain order and launched an attack.

class rules

one. Using a character of the same class as the order – check the symbol on the order itself – will ensure that you get bonus TP points for their turn.. For example, Noah’s “Courageous Assault” order has a red attack sword symbol, so using a character with this symbol will earn you extra points.

2. Attacking characters, if chosen first, always get a 125% multiplier to their TP. at the end of your turn.

3. Support characters such as healers cannot force the teleport bar to go above you can’t use them to end the round – unless they are a special Hero who can bypass it. It may seem annoying, but here you can use the support characters to safely get up to 99% without going over and completing the order. You can then use a character with a high base TP number and choose an attack that does a lot of damage to see this bar skyrocket.

3. Completing an order with a defender (blue shield icon) will ensure that you reactivate the character with the current highest base TP for your next round.. This means you can build up a character’s base TP over a few turns to really rack up some big points and increase the damage multiplier.


Earlier we mentioned reactivation. After each successful order, you will automatically re-activate the character., so you get one person back to increase the number of attempts you have to complete the next order you choose. As we said, you can also influence who you re-activate by using a defender character to complete the order, returning your team member with the highest base TP to you for the next round.

In addition to that, depending on the TP gauge you get at the end of the order, you will get more and more reactivated characters to play with. Get over 100% and you’ll get one character back. Scored over 150 gives you two, and anything above 200 gives you three teammates with whom you can advance to the next round.

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There are many other ways to influence reactivation besides these few options, mainly via make sure you have a hero character in your squad, each with a special ability during chain attacks. Play with heroes and remember to choose wisely when you attack to make the most of this caliber and keep the chain attack going.

Chain Attack Relationships can deal massive damage, and in order to pull them off, you just need to complete the Chain Order of two partners of Ouroboros. So, for example, complete Lantz’s order and then complete Sena’s order, and you’ll find that their joint Ouroboros order is waiting for you when you return to the order screen. The great thing about these orders, aside from all the extra damage they deal, is that they reactivate your entire party to join it.

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However, these attacks, once carried out, will also end your current chain attack., so keep that in mind if you want to maximize your moves. In addition to this, you can actually perform two Interlink attacks by entering a chain attack once your Interlink level reaches 3 during normal level up your Interlink by doing merges, combos, etc. and then hit the chain attack button when you’re ready.


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Bust. It’s very simple. If you succeed kill an enemy during a chain attack that is not yet completed, you will enter Overkill mode, which gives you nice bonuses to experience.. You can see this XP gain as a percentage in the bottom right corner of the screen just above your damage multiplier. Keep completing orders up to the maximum allowable level and you will continue to accumulate XP bonuses. Simple.

Don’t forget to check out the in-game manual if any aspect of chain attacks confuses you and try some of the guides to get a really good grasp on everything and soon you’ll be raising that TP Gauge above 500% mark as an absolute beast. Good luck!

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