“XCOM-Like” Ruin Raiders Blasts The Switch Today

Three words: strategy. Step by step. Roguelike. If these terms give you goosebumps, check out the Ruin Raiders launch trailer, which has all three of these things.

The Ruin Raiders, describing themselves as “XCOM Roguelike”, is a tactical isometric game in which you send troops on a mission to explore the depths of an ancient ruined civilization. Imagine XCOM meets Diablo meets Spelunky and you’re halfway there.

With over 100 items, procedurally generated rooms, tactical combat, and a crafting / upgrade system, there seems to be a lot to get involved with and a lot to keep you playing.

The Ruin Raiders are currently on sale on the Nintendo Switch Online Store with a launch discount that drops the price down to $ 15.99 / € 16.79.

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