Xbox Series S beats PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and OLED Switch


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It looks like it was not during the Black Friday shopping season. Switch or PS5 it sold like hotcakes, but instead, the less powerful sibling of the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S for $ 300… This is likely due to several factors, including its price and availability on retail sites like Amazon.

As reported Business Insider, this news came from Adobe Digital Economy Index which claims to have analyzed more than 1 trillion visits to retail sites, and polled over 1,000 retailers about which products are selling better than others. All of this data seems to point to the tiny Xbox Series S as the top winner of Black Friday shopping season.

It might sound surprising at first, but there are several reasons why this smaller Xbox does so well. For one thing it is actually available in many stores. It is very difficult to get a PS5 or Xbox Series X for $ 500 right now.… However, Series S has been available for several days in various stores, including GameStop and Best Buy

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Another thing Series S helps is Game Pass.… Between Forza horizon 5, Halo infiniteas well as a large library of old and new games, the service provides people with many things to play at a low cost. The S Series is also fully digital, so Game Pass is perfect for that.

Finally, the lower price definitely helps sell Xbox Series S consoles. I know a few people who would not normally buy a console right out of the box, or have never bought an Xbox machine. However, many of them have Xbox Series S consoles. When I ask why, the answer often comes down to this: “Well, it was cheap and Game Pass seems like a good way to play new games and indie games.”

Interestingly, last year, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said Kotaku that he expected this, saying, “I think over the course of a generation, we expect price to really matter and that you will see the Series S sell more.”

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