Xbox Reportedly Launching Game Pass Family Plan Later This Year

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It could become much easier and cheaper to provide for the whole family, according to a new report. Xbox Game Pass as Microsoft plans to launch a five-person variant later this year.

Windows Center previously reported On Thursday, after nearly a year of planning and figuring out the details, Microsoft is ready to announce and launch the Family Plan for Game Pass. According to the report, this new plan will work for four more people living in the same country as the family plan owner. Family plan members will have full access to the entire Game Pass library. This plan will reportedly be “much cheaper” than buying five separate Game Pass subscriptions. Currently, it costs $15 per month for one Game Pass Ultimate plan. However, the actual price hasn’t been revealed yet, so it’s clear how beneficial this can be for smaller groups.

The stated family plan, which has not yet been confirmed by Microsoft, will be similar to the options offered Netflix as well as Disney+. According to Windows’ CenterAccording to sources, this new plan will use Microsoft’s existing “Family Account System” that is used by Office 365.

The report did not give a specific date for a potential launch, but it looks like Microsoft is planning to roll out Game Pass family plan “sometime this year” now that he’s figured out various details, including how licensing will work with third-party companies and royalty payments to developers and publishers.

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“We are always looking for ways to improve the Game Pass experience and add value to members, which includes regular testing and refining features based on community feedback. However, we have nothing to announce yet,” a Microsoft spokesperson said. Kotaku.

Meanwhile in PlayStation land, Sony recently announced its own Game Pass competitor.. Sony’s plan upgrades existing PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions by merging them and adding paid tiers that offer players access to a large library of games and the ability to stream PlayStation 3 games if people are willing to pay more. It launches sometime this year. Remarkably, plan won’t include big Sony own gameslike God of War Ragnarokwhen they are released. This is very different from Microsoft, which adds all new in-house games to Game Pass the day they launch.

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