Xbox Game Club – 2021 review


  • 2021 has been an eventful year for Xbox Game Club.
  • Club membership has grown, we’ve added a Discord server and introduced over 50 games last year.
  • This post summarizes some of the highlights for Xbox Game Club staff and community members.

2021 has been an eventful year for members Xbox Game Club. For those who don’t know, we’re a community of Xbox players who play, share, and discuss a new favorite game every week or two. I’m the senior community manager on the staff of the program, which means I have a huge responsibility to play our select games and help guide our book club-style conversations about them.

While Xbox Game Club officially launched in 2020, 2021 has been our first full year as a program and community. Looking back at the past year, we had a great time playing select games, sharing our best content, and discussing our experiences in our favorite virtual worlds. Sounds fun? You can join us at our Xbox Game Club website.

Games we recommend

Over 50 games featured in Xbox Game Club in 2021! We don’t have room to include a complete list here, but some of my favorites are included. Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Confessor, Unboxing, Killer Queen Black, Mount and Blade: Squad, mine craft, Hades, Back 4 Blood, Valley: Shadow of the Crown, splitgateand The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I had to skip a few select games due to lack of time and a strong fear of horror games. I still enjoyed trying new games and genres, recommending some of my favorite games to others, and watching all sorts of great community content pop up on our Discord and social media. Read below for some of the community’s favorite moments from the past year at Xbox Game Club.

Community Highlights

What is your favorite game featured by Xbox Game Club this year and why?

  • Spudley Phoenix: “Confessor. This is such a beautiful and soulful game about death and the afterlife. So much to do and it was so much fun to get the freedom to explore the map and play the mini games as you wish. There were times when the game brought me to tears with its heartfelt character interactions and emotional storytelling.”
  • Mccanook: “Halo InfiniteA: This was my first time playing a Halo game at release after going through the entire collection to get ready for it. I’ve never been so excited about the release of a game.”
  • Just Scottix: “Tell me why! It was such a beautiful and addictive game with a great storyline. What I liked the most was that there was a character representing the trans community.”

What do you like most about Xbox Game Club?

  • Mccanook: “Thanks to games I wouldn’t have tried otherwise, I’ve found some new favorites.”
  • Zathomas: “I enjoy playing with other ambassadors and having a ‘synchronous’ conversation about these games. Also, sometimes it’s an excuse to stop and play games that would otherwise be in the backlog or that I didn’t even consider at first.”
  • CerebralGender#921: “The variety of games is selected from week to week.”

What games have you tried because they were featured in the Xbox Game Club?

  • Hmills27: “A Yakuza franchise that has now become one of my favorites”
  • Negungaming: “I have tried almost all the popular Game Club games. It gives me the opportunity to break away from my usual games in a second and dive into something I wouldn’t normally try. It also gives me a chance to see if the games are right for my daughter or if it’s okay for me and her to play together.”
  • BurninKnight#837: “Almost all of them, because if you don’t try, how will you know if you like the game or not?”

Community is growing

With all the fun we have together, it only makes sense that the Xbox Game Club community has grown steadily throughout 2021. With over 115,000 new members joining Xbox Game Club this year, we launched a brand new Discord in October that has over 15,000 members to date and we expect to see further growth as we move into the new year. Want to join the party? Check Xbox Game Club and our discord whenever you are ready.

Expand your gaming club

By joining the Xbox Game Club, you’ll have access to everything we’ve talked about so far, and you’ll be able to level up even further by becoming an Xbox Ambassador. Xbox Ambassadors get access to exclusive missions and rewards for playing, sharing and discussing Xbox Game Club games. In fact, the Xbox Ambassadors community has completed over 950,000 missions dedicated to Xbox Game Club games and social spaces. Lots of good moments, XP and exclusive rewards! Check Xbox Ambassador Website To learn more.

What’s next for Xbox Game Club?

In 2022, we plan to add exciting new events, content, and dialogue to Xbox Game Club. Members should stay tuned for emails and Discord announcements with the latest Xbox Game Club news. I look forward to talking to you about games soon.

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