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At Xbox, we believe it provides our fans with choice and opportunities to express themselves as a fundamental part of our mission, enabling players to connect more closely with their gaming experience, express their personalities and individualism, and put his unique stamp on his Xbox identity. Five years ago, we introduced it Xbox Design Lab as a way for our community to design its own official Xbox Wireless Controllers. Since then, we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of unique designs that allow users to express their creativity and bring their inspirations to life. Xbox Design Lab has been here to celebrate milestones, such as anniversaries, sports team championships and even wedding proposals, with engraved controllers! Last October, we paused Xbox Design Lab as we prepared for the launch of Xbox Series X | S and our new Xbox Wireless Controller. Today, we’re excited to announce that Xbox Design Lab is back to help you once again create a controller that is without a doubt yours.

What is Xbox Design Lab?

Xbox Design Lab is a customization program that offers several ways to create your own custom Xbox Wireless controller. Fans can customize the color to almost any external part of the controller including the body, rear case, D-pad, bumper, triggers, thumbsticks, ABXY, View, Menu and Share buttons. With Xbox Design Lab, you can customize a controller to match your creative style, tell a story, or celebrate a particular moment. From here, you can also customize your design with laser engraving to add your name, Gamertag or custom 16-character message. We will then hand over your controller and ship it to your door with free shipping.

What’s new with this latest update?

As of today, our new Xbox Wireless Controllers are now available in Xbox Design Lab. Players will receive all the benefits that come with the newest generation of Xbox Wireless Controllers, including improved ergonomics for a wider range of hand sizes, better cross-device connectivity, easier sharing and reduced latency.

Readers can choose from 18 different colors available for most parts of the controller and introduce new colors such as Shock Blue, Pulse Red, and Electric Volt. Most of our color options are made with plastics that contain 30% post-consumer recycled materials (PCR) by weight. * These color options will reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and ensure that we all do our part to take care of the planet. We believe this work is critical and will continue to increase the amount of PCR we use in our products. We also added a new black ABXY button option on color, and also a new black-and-white color option for the View, Menu and Share buttons.

We have a bold approach to customization through Xbox Design Lab, and this update is just the beginning. Our team works hard developing new processes, testing new materials and innovating so that we can continue to evolve the Xbox Design Lab experience. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing more information on new customization opportunities and new ways to customize your gaming experience.

Design your own today


You can place your Xbox Design Lab order now in the United States, Canada, and most Western European countries for $ 69.99 USD, with optional laser engraving for an additional $ 9.99 USD. Each controller will be delivered within 14 working days from the step of your order.

Whether you’re looking for a custom controller for yourself, a loved one, or a special gamer in your life, Xbox Design Lab offers a wide web for you to design the perfect controller. If you don’t know where to start, you will find many design inspirations on our website. We can’t wait to see the amazing designs you create. Be sure to share your designs with #XboxDesignLab so the rest of the Xbox community can see what you dream of!

* Plastic resin is composed of 30% post-consumer plastic content by weight and is derived from recycled car headlight covers, water cans and CDs. Four of our eighteen resin colors do not include PCR plastic materials: Robot White, Pulse Red, Zest Orange, and Regal Purple.

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