Xbox creator almost fired for calling games masturbation

A young Blackley is seen playing an Xbox in his office.

Photo: Spencer Platt (Getty Images)

Back in 2001, Seamus Blackley, one of the key creators of the original Xbox console, compared gaming to masturbation. Obviously, this did not please Bill Gates and other high-ranking Microsoft executives. According to Blackley, he almost got fired for the quote.

Lately on Twitter, someone pointed to quote from bloomberg journalist Dina Bass which read: “Games are like masturbation. Everyone does it, no one wants to talk about it.” She responded to the man on Twitter and explained that she had to give credit Seamus Blackieoften referred to as the father of the Xbox, who originally said this quote back in 2001. In response to this tweet, Blackley explained that he almost got fired for this quote.

In 2001, Blackley gave an interview a few weeks before the launch of the Xbox. And in an interview, he delivered the infamous quote: “Games are like masturbation. Everyone does it, no one wants to talk about it.”

Blackley explained that the main reason he got into such trouble was because the quote ended up in the Eastside Journal. “And some conservative spouses [Microsoft] The leaders read it,” Blakley said, “and they called me, let’s say, to Building 4.”

As noticed Playground, this isn’t the first time Blackley has joked about the infamous Quote. In 2019 he explained why did he say that.

It wasn argument in favor of multiplayer [gaming] online, where Xbox has been a pioneer,” Black said.glue. However, the context didn’t matter. Apparently Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer were “VERY upset” by the quote.

Of course blackleyou were not fired but helped Microsoft successfully launched the original Xbox, and so far that original the console didn’t perform as well as the PS2, later Xbox consoles were much more successful. Currently, The Microsoft Xbox division is so big that it buying up Aktivizhn and Companies the size of Bethesda in order to feed your wildly popular Netflix-like service, Game Pass.

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