Xbox and Adidas unveil new sneakers to celebrate 20th anniversary of collaboration

Last month, we announced an exciting new global partnership with adidas, starting with our first ever console-inspired sneaker collaboration to celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary. Today we are delighted to continue this partnership with the launch of our second sneaker model – Xbox 360 Mid Forum – the first Xbox-style sneakers available for fan purchase in the US and Canada.

Xbox 360 Forum Mid is truly a love letter to one of the most iconic consoles in gaming history. Taking inspiration from the colors of the original Xbox 360 console – white, silver and green – the incredible details highlighted throughout the shoe represent a hilarious celebration and a tribute to the vibrant history of the Xbox.

You’ll notice the Xbox 360 disc tray on the strap as well as the classic Xbox 360 button design on the outside of the shoe and the console vents on the inside. In addition, there are references to the distinctive connectors for the removable hard drive and Xbox 360 memory on the heel. There are tons of details to discover and enjoy, including some hidden secrets for fans.

The limited edition adidas Originals from Xbox – Xbox 360 Forum Mid with four additional pairs of laces in red, yellow, green, and blue (representing the face buttons of the Xbox 360 controller) will be available for purchase in the US. and Canada on November 4 at 7:00 AM PT on

In addition, within the framework of our program “Always played. Never played out. ” A program dedicated to three different eras in Xbox history, Xbox and adidas fans can go back in time with Queue, a virtual experience to relive the golden era of gaming: the launch of the Xbox 360. It won’t last long, so check out www. for a nostalgic trip and a chance to win exclusive prizes.

To follow @Xbox on Twitter for the latest sneaker releases and be sure to join us for 20th On November 15th, the Xbox and Halo Anniversary Livestream will feature official details on the exclusive third and final Xbox Series X-inspired sneaker for fans to purchase worldwide.

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