WWE superstar The Miz wants to play Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat

WWE superstar The Miz drops his sunglasses and poses in front of a marquee and banners bearing his name.

“He should play Johnny Cage” – probably Raiden.
Image: WWE

WWE superstar Mike “The Miz” Mizanin is keen to play Johnny Cage in the next film. Mortal Kombat film, all that’s left for him is to get the part.

2021 film adaptation Mortal Kombat made a big splash in the first week of hire in the United States. earning $22.5 million. While the movie featured much of the original 1992 game roster, one iconic character was sorely lacking, Hollywood actor-turned-Earthrealm protector Johnny Cage. This is the same movie that was Reptile in it by the way. Reptile! Anyway…

AT interview with wrestling journalist Ryan Satine during WrestleMania week for a candid behind-the-scenes podcast Out of characterthe cunning WWE superstar touched on a variety of topics, including in-ring work with YouTube influencer Logan Paulget a vasectomy and, most importantly, his desire to play Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat continuation.

“As soon as I saw this Mortal Kombat came out and Johnny Cage wasn’t there yet and my name was literally the #1 global trend… I figured if they want this to happen, I need to basically make sure I’m ready and ready,” The Miz said. “…If the opportunity presents itself, I will be ready and focused.”

After release Mortal Kombatfans took to Twitter vying for “A-lister” as the perfect candidate to play Cageness in already confirmed movie sequel.

To prove that he didn’t chat about training, The Miz said he worked on the splits with his trainer from the 2018 WWE franchise movie. Marine 6 work on Cage’s signature punches. The Miz also said he’s “almost done” when it comes to Johnny Cage’s iconic splits. If he needs any help, I’m sure he can call on Taya Valkyrie, the wife of his former tag team partner, to help. get those twines down.

Along with last year’s fan campaign, Ed Boon, Mortal Kombat co-author and notorious MK list of rumor mill-mixer, seems to agree that The Miz makes a strong case for playing Cage.

Except for the fact that he has a fighting face – a compliment, given heel The work that The Miz is famous for – Miz’s wrestling image is already basically Cage. He is basically Ryan Seacrest if he was a bad boy. Basically, he talks big game, hiding behind his beautiful wife Maryse, flaunts his Hollywood endeavors as MTV series cast Real worldand has its own film franchise in nautical series, now that it is difficult guy John Cena not playing peacemaker.

Apart from pop up in the ring from time to timeThe Miz is one of the best wrestlers today as you can see in his hot promo for Daniel Bryan’s “half shoot” on Talking Smack. For now, the only thing missing from Johnny Cage Miz’s real-life checklist is a tattoo of his name on his belly button. Other than that, I think it’s ready. I mean the Miz already survived the zombie apocalypseHow bad can a tournament that decides the fate of humanity be?

I’m sure WWE CEO Vince McMahon will see the light of day and feel that The Miz’s role as Johnny Cage is “best suited for the business.” That is, if McMahon’s policy is to put it down Sweet Baby and a promising superstar Austin Theory enter the role first.

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