Wow, the best Pokémon TGC art is by the same person

Swirlix among pasta and cookies.

Image: Yuka Morii / The Pokémon Company

Over the years Pokémon Trading Card Game seen a huge number of artists come and go. About 175 different people contributed to the design of the cards, some created only one, others – hundreds. Heck, Ken Sugimori has created 966 of them since the very first set of Pokémon cards, the 1999 Core Set. But among them, Yuka Morii stands out for me with 188 cards and her unique style of photographing tiny clay Pokémon models in nature.

Ever since the Neo Discovery set of the 2000s, Yuka Morii has been sculpting adorable Pokémon out of clay and then photographing them in the perfect setting. Her caterpie from the Neo Discovery set – a classic shot joined by Omanite, Kabuto as well as Corsolasetting a style that has been a major part of TCG ever since.

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Due to the very late arrival in Pokémon TCG, these are the cards that immediately attracted me. While my son fills up his VMAX and Rainbow Rares folder, my only folder is an ever-growing collection of Morrie’s work, with the ludicrous goal of trying to collect all 188 of them one day.

On her websiteMorii explains beautifully, “My job is to appreciate and do small things.” Our job today is to evaluate them in return. Here are 20 of my favorite Yuki Moriya designs.

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