Would you like Kingdom Hearts to be native to Switch? The true port is still undecided

During a recent Super Smash Bros. showcase that featured Kingdom Hearts’ Sora as the final DLC fighter, it was revealed that the entire Kingdom Hearts series is heading to Switch. However, what should have been an incredible announcement was somewhat muted, and the catch was that the entire collection would only be available in the form of a cloud version.

It’s safe to say that the response was not particularly good; we ran a survey right here at Nintendo Life to find out how many of you would be interested in purchasing the cloud versions, and at the time of writing, only 9% of respondents were confident the answer was yes. The overwhelming majority of respondents were not interested at all or would have preferred native ports of games.

We recently had the opportunity to ask Kingdom Hearts series producer Ichiro Hazam a burning question: Why are these games only available in the cloud?

Nintendo Life: From the outside, we’ve seen other high-quality ports of classic Square Enix games like Final Fantasy X | X-2 runs natively on Switch. So what was the reason for releasing the Kingdom Hearts series on Switch as cloud versions instead of optimizing them to run on Switch hardware?

Ichiro Hazama: “For some time now, our director, Tetsuya Nomura, has expressed a desire to bring the Kingdom Hearts series to players on Nintendo Switch, he saw and heard this demand, and therefore internal efforts were taken into account. Porting these games to Nintendo Switch has proven challenging for a variety of reasons, including hardware storage capacity, but we’re thrilled to be able to do this for the first time using a cloud service. ”

They are all here. View.

Going a little further, we asked about the possibility of native ports in the future:

NL: We understand that it would be nearly impossible to get the entire series running smoothly on Switch, but is it possible that Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix will ever be reworked to launch on Switch later in the future? Is this just a temporary stop?

Hazama: “At the moment, the issue of producing the native version has not been resolved. We think the cloud version is currently the best way to bring the Kingdom Hearts franchise to Nintendo Switch players, but we always love to hear feedback from our fans. and I want to thank them for their support. “

Of course, it looks like these cloud versions are not going anywhere, but at least the likelihood of a real release of some Kingdom Hearts games is lacking. fully out of question.

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