World War Z Review (Switch)

Saber Interactive’s World War Z it is the very definition of a soft, medium game that is clearly inspired by much better titles – in this case left 4 Dead series – and is a rather lazy rephrasing, not doing well in anything in particular, but still providing a fairly easy time if you have a couple of friends close at hand with whom to move forward with your campaign.

There really is nothing surprising or exciting here, as you (and up to three other players) travel around the world in a five-hour campaign that takes place in places like New York, Jerusalem, Moscow and Tokyo. These are all perfectly serviceable things; hold back waves of zombies here, escort a bus there, mow down millions of cannon fodder, mindless enemies and level up as you progress. It sits on a par with Brad Pitt’s Über-soft film of the same name and, rather stupidly, rejects the legends of the original Max Brooks book – legends that could have Indeed helped fill this barren world with a little more character.

The main difference between this shooter and other zombies is real The World War Z outlet is a ridiculous amount of undead that you can see on screen at any moment, with the game’s signature hordes stacking on top of each other to climb walls and reach your location. Shooting the lower levels of these undead pyramids and watching them fall to the ground is where this pyramid stands out. It’s really fun to wipe out a huge number of clumsy enemies in this way, but in any other case, what is largely forgotten here cannot give its action any real dynamism, instead delivering extremely repetitive skirmishes that lack any serious challenges or a strategic spark. because of enemies that do not give variety.

While in the likes of Left 4 Dead you’ll instantly hear, recognize, and recognize different types of enemies – for example, immediately change tactics to deal with the looming boomer threat – in World War Z everything looks and feels too similar. He has foolish enemies; Opponents in hazmat suits that explode in a green fog and poison everything around them, and there is the usual range of protected opponents to fight, but they are so easy to deal with and they are lost so quickly in the chaos of huge Z clusters that they will never force you feel like you need to change your tactics to deal with them.

He says everything you need to know about World War Z, in fact, that as we sit here trying to recall events for this review, we have nothing but a huge jumble of unprecedented gunfights to rake; we have killed millions of zombies in our time with this game, defended checkpoints from the undead hordes, set up turrets and laid barbed wire, prepared our team for onslaught after onslaught and barely raised our eyebrows all the time. It’s all okay, it’s okay; brainless, repetitive and safe.

As far as this switch port is concerned, we were at least quite impressed with how well everything worked. Frame rates drop to 20s from time to time, no gyro support of course (doesn’t really matter with the game’s generous aim assist system) and image quality can get blurry when large hordes arrive, but overall it’s full-fledged a World War Z experience that looks decent and plays well on a handheld console. We did have quite a long wait for online sessions when playing with random elements, but overall this is a very reliable port for a game that we expected the Switch to struggle with – so thanks to Saber Interactive for making it happen.

If only it was all in the end; a little more variety and flair, a little more inventiveness in the scenery or outlandish weapons with which you can defeat your enemies. Be that as it may, World War Z is a completely solid yet completely tasteless project, it does exactly what you expect from it, without any surprises or style. If you have a few buddies to jump into this with, you’ll have a decent amount of time, but you’re unlikely to remember it for long.


World War Z is an unremarkable zombie shooter that offers a decent five-plus hours of action if you find a few friends to play with. This is repetitive material; basic and mostly unsurprising, this switch port is reliable, allowing you to provide a complete experience without major technical issues or other drawbacks. If you’re in the mood to wade through gaudy masses of zombies with a few friends in tow, that got you covered – just don’t expect more.

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