World Of Anterra Looks Like Skyrim On Super NES Coming In 2023

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Super Nintendo aren’t two things we often discuss in the same conversation, but when it comes to the 81monkeys Kickstarter project, there’s no better combination or comparison. World of Anterra is a beautiful open-world RPG inspired by Bethesda’s giant game, and it promises an “infinitely explorable world” but in pretty cute pixelated form.

Kickstarter games launched a few weeks ago and the project is now fully funded (at the time of writing) in 18 days, so there’s still plenty of time to unlock additional objectives. Okay, the developer says everything he plans to add to World of Anterra will be in the game when it launches, so those goals won’t be new content or unlocking planned content, but little fun rewards for backers. The team has been hard at work on the game for over three years and hopes to release the game on PC, Mac and consoles in 2023.

We haven’t seen many pixelated open-world RPGs, and another unique twist that World of Anterra promises has to do with group combat. The game will use an upgraded grid-based system that combines button-based RPG combat with additional strategy. Pressing the button will make the character move and attack with the same movement, or you can guide your character to a better spot on the “grid” before deciding to attack!

81monkeys has already come up with an extensive lore and promises quick dialogues with a refined and modernized yet clear inspiration from the classics of the genre. Ultima. And Anterra will exist in real time, so day and night will only stop if you pause the game.

We could go on for days on how extensive this pixelated adventure is, but 81monkeys has summarized some of the promised key features coming to World of Anterra on their Kickstarter page and we’ve shared them here:

– Diverse and vibrant world. Explore a huge world with oceans, continents, regions, castles and cities, mountains, caves and dungeons. Anterra is full of life, from small insects to huge creatures. NPCs live their lives by going about their daily business as well as reacting dynamically to events in the world as well as the player. The world of Anterra is designed to be explored freely and at your own pace.
Deep and inspiring non-linear story. The story and quests follow non-linear, diverging paths, so you can go where you want and talk to whoever you want. Your story will unfold naturally, depending on the paths you choose to follow.
Spoken dialogue. A unique way to communicate with NPCs that allows players to interact more with each character in the game. We’ve eschewed the overly verbose, linear dialogues of today’s games and developed an all-new retro-style system.
Fast and fluid group combat. Thanks to our extensive experience in many game genres, including casual and social games, combat is designed to be interesting no matter how many hours you spend, with a streamlined user interface and interesting feedback.
Satisfactory and accessible user interface. Our design skills really shine here! We designed the interface with as few “UI” and words as possible. Instead of menus and lists, we have used realistic elements and intuitive icons to create a beautiful user experience. Our interface is so fun it can be a game in itself!

Okay, we want to play this by curling up on the couch with a mug of something warm right now. But we’ll have to wait until next fall/winter as World of Anterra is due out in 2023.

What do you think of this Kickstarter project? Will you buy World of Anterra? Adventure down to the comments and let us know!

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