Why Apollo Justice could be the best lawyer game

Can you imagine celebrating your 20th birthday and someone comes up to you and says that your nervous, short friend / ward is much more interesting than you? Well, it’s Ace Attorney’s 20th birthday, but for now it’s not. exactly what i do (and i will explain why in more detail later), i have to say: as someone who has played all of the Ace Attorney games (apart from the fan translation of Investigations 2), I firmly believe that Apollo Justice is one of the best, although most people usually put it below almost all other games.

First of all, let me assure you: I love Phoenix Wright. In fact, one of the main reasons I love Apollo Justice is because Phoenix Wright.

This image was commissioned as part of Ace Attorney's 10th Anniversary Celebration.
This image was commissioned as part of Ace Attorney’s 10th Anniversary Celebration.

We’ve been through three games so far with Nick, either as a chaotic youthful attorney who keeps forgetting his clients’ names, or as the relatively opinionated bum Edgeworth who stumbled upon him by accident and then decides various cold deeds that drag on long before he started his career. At the beginning of Apollo Justice, Nick is not visible – instead we get a seven-year time skip, and we meet this disheveled eccentric who is addicted to gambling and plays the piano badly.

And this scavenger turns out to be the same spiky-haired, clad lawyer we all know and love. What a fantastic twist at the beginning of the story: take everything you know about games and turn it upside down. It’s a clever way to make it clear that Apollo Justice – and games from now on – won’t be afraid to play with convention to subvert what people have come to expect.

I miss Daddy Wright
I miss Daddy Wright

And, of course, in the Ace Attorney style, this harsh version of Phoenix Wright not only disgraced and stripped of his attorney status, but also stood trial for murder. Okay, that’s not really subversive – it’s Ace Attorney writing 101 stories.

But here I must confess: I love the sleazy Phoenix. He cute… In fact, the Ace Attorney series really began to lean towards making its characters extremely attractive to bad guys around the time of Apollo Justice, when Edgeworth turned into a stern silver fox with glasses in the game afterwards, and, you know, the whole existence of Clavier Gavin.

You might think this has nothing to do with why Apollo Justice is one of my favorites, but it really is – Ace Attorney has always been incredibly loved by the female audience, and at times the game does admit it, and the artists will paint through the lens. feminine look. We have enough tough guys who don’t know how to talk about their feelings; I want more well-dressed guys who read books.

How can a stamp make you cry?  Play Apollo Justice and find out
How can a stamp make you cry? Play Apollo Justice and find out

But I promise I love the game not only for curmudgeons. Apollo Justice introduces a new Magatama-style mechanic in the form of Apollo’s magical bracelet that tightens when someone lies – which you’ll have to prove by pointing out his nervous tic as if it would go to court. Yes, it’s silly, but Ace Attorney never shied away from the ridiculous: remember the witness who was a parrot? Or were you allowed to literally summon ghosts to the podium all the time? How about the fact that your slain mentor continues to inhabit his living sister’s body to keep an eye on you? Exactly

In addition to the magical bracelet, Apollo Justice also features a recorded live concert that you will need to carefully study to answer questions related to crime, a family of wizards surrounded by mystery and tragedy, and an incident involving time travel… Fans are, of course, divided by these gimmicks – and the lack of Phoenix as the protagonist – but I loved them all, and the time travel suitcase in particular remains one of my favorites to this day due to the way it unfolds the seven-year-old story. in a series of shocking twists and turns.

I was also madly in love with Lamiruar.  Maybe it helped
I was madly also in love with Lamiruar. Maybe it helped

I think the best (and sometimes the most confusing) cases are those that involve the actors themselves – I don’t necessarily mean “oh no, Maya is being charged with murder again,” but those that describe the backstory of the characters. After learning about Edgeworth’s father (and the injury), Mia and Maya’s mother, about Dahlia’s betrayal of almost everyone and about the shared childhood of Larry Butz, Phoenix Wright and Mile Edgeworth, you will find out who you will meet again and again. making them more than just your rivals and helpers.

Apollo Justice takes it one step further, each case intricately tied to the strange and mysterious Gramari family, Phoenix and his disenfranchised, Phoenix’s mysterious child, Trusy and Apollo Justice himself. While previous Ace Attorney games sometimes used backstory, we never knew Phoenix that deeply, other than knowing he was friends with people as a kid, and gets very dirty when he’s not a lawyer. Apollo Justice, on the other hand, has a secret family, a more secret family, and many questions surrounding his existence. Right from the very beginning.

Of course, Mia's death was sad, but we hardly knew her.  Daddy Phoenix, huh?  I'M CRYING.
Of course, Mia’s death was sad, but we hardly knew her. Daddy Phoenix, huh? I’M CRYING.

I may not be able to convince everyone that Apollo Justice is the best Ace Attorney game – and that’s okay. The best part about the Ace Attorney series is that there are no bugs in any of the games, and each of them somebodys favorite, but Apollo gets a lot of anti-aircraft guns and I don’t think he deserves it. His debut play was a preliminary step in a new direction for Ace Attorney that defined many of the new games. especially Spirit of Justice, Phoenix and Friends just couldn’t be where they are today without Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

Be sure to check out our user-generated rating of Ace Attorney games, especially if you agree with me – poor Apollo is lagging behind.

But tell me: why do you love / hate Apollo Justice? Did I manage to convince you with my opinion about the game? Let me know in the comments!

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