Who needs a Switch Pro? New Key Promises to “Instantly Upgrade Switch to 4K”

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The new key promises to automatically upscale the Switch to 4K with zero latency, and it’s coming to Kickstarter this April.

That 4K gamer professional is the sequel to 4K Gamer+ which was launched in Asia in 2021. This is a plug-and-play device that takes the 1080p output of the Switch (and other devices) and converts it to 4K.

The 4K Gamer Pro offers “20% more sharpness, color and depth of field” compared to the previous model. The manufacturer claims that “months of research and testing” has allowed him to significantly improve what was before.

The 4K Gamer Pro isn’t the first device of its kind. Like the previous 4K Gamer+ model from the same company, there is already a Marseille mClassic model on the market. When we covered this product last year, we noted that:

Until we see what Nintendo has in store for its rumored “Switch Pro”, it’s hard to tell if mClassic is right. really transformative. This certainly improves the image generated by the switch (and other systems), but in many cases the effect is so small that you may find it hard to notice. At $100, the mClassic is a solid investment and may not deliver the improvements you expect.

A 4K output has been on a lot of people’s wishlists for a while now. A teardown of the Switch OLED dock suggests it’s ready to handle a 4K signal, and Nintendo has reportedly been asking developers to make their games 4K-ready. There are other reports that suggest that Nintendo will use AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution technology in the future. However, the Switch is a 1080p system at the moment, so there’s definitely room in the market for such devices.

4K gamer professional
Image: PhotoFast

Can 4K Gamer Pro offer an improvement over what came before? We hope that the unit was sent to us for evaluation and we will let you know when it arrives and we will check it.

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