Which Elden Ring class is right for you?

This weekend, gamers from all over the world will try for the first time Elden’s Ring, an upcoming action RPG created by acclaimed fantasy writer George Martin and visionary FromSoftware game developer Hidetaka Miyazaki. V Elden’s Ring The Closed Network Test will allow players to explore Limgrave, a small part of the game’s vast open world known as Between the Lands. As you play, you will fight everything from low-level enemies to powerful bosses, as well as gain an understanding of how combat and summoning work.

Since its announcement, many comparisons have been made between Elden’s Ring and Dark souls series, and while it certainly has a lot in common, the game also introduces a ton of new mechanics (stealth, anyone?) and elements like crafting and horseback riding. There is a lot to like and learn as you progress through the Closed Network Test, making choices along the way that will determine how you handle yourself.

Of course, one of the most important choices you need to make is which class you will be using. While Elden’s Ring After the release of the full version of the game in February, 10 starting classes will be available; there will be five classes available in the closed network test. It should be noted that whichever class you choose, you will not be tied to a specific playstyle. You will be able to change stats as you play, customizing stats and weapons based on the enemies you face and the environment you are in.

Let’s take a closer look at the 5 classes in Elden’s Ring Closed network test so you can understand what each class offers and which one you want to use. I have listed them in the order in which I enjoyed using them the most, but this is obviously completely subjective!

Enchanted knight

As the game describes them: “These knights have absorbed the power of Glintstone, fighting enemies in hand-to-hand combat while casting spells. They often seek out and destroy those who use magic for nefarious purposes. “

Starting items: Winged Spear, Caryan Shield of Glitterstone, Caryan Arcane Staff, Caryan Impaler (Sorcery Spell), Glittering Stone (Sorcery Spell)

Higher attributes: Intelligence (16), Strength (15), Mind (13), Dexterity (12)

Who should choose this class: Anyone who enjoys playing with a long spear in one hand and a staff in the other, alternating between piercing melee piercing attacks and powerful magic attacks. They also have a single shield that reduces 100% physical damage if you prefer turtle and face off against enemies.

Who should avoid this activity: Anyone who wants to try to play very powerful spells in the game.

Bloody Wolf

As the game describes them: “The wolf is cunning, resilient and deadly. These warriors are not afraid and meet death with unrivaled energy and pride. “

Starting items: Bastard Sword, Iron Round Shield

Higher attributes: Strength (16), Endurance (14), Agility (12), Stamina (12)

Who should choose this class: Players who want to block, chop, block, chop, block, and chop. This is a lot like a throwback to the early Souls games. With the highest strength rating in the game, Blood Wolf deals high damage with a two-handed sword, absorbing a lot of damage with a shield. Even when they get hit, their high energy means they can get rid of the fumes before they heal.

Who should avoid this activity: Anyone who enjoys using magical attacks or deftly holding and moving with melee attacks.


As the game describes them: “Holy warriors with the ability to use spells to counter enemies or protect allies. Faith is the prophet’s weapon and they use it with prejudice. “

Starting items: Club, Mark of the Claw, Wobbly Shield, Heal (Spell), Beast Claw (Spell)

Higher attributes: Reason (16), Faith (16), Strength (12)

Who should choose this class: Players who want to use spells to destroy enemies and heal themselves. Possessing Supreme Faith in a Closed Network Test means they are one of the few classes that can use spells (and Beast Claw is especially powerful), while Supreme Intelligence means they can use them. many

Who should avoid this activity: Anyone who loves to chop, chop or stab enemies to death.


As the game describes them: “With a Sacred Seal and an ax, the Champion can burn enemies at a distance or attack them in hand-to-hand combat. They are fierce fighters who are not afraid of death. “

Starting items: Battle Ax, Fingerprint, Round Red Thorn Shield, Dragonfire (Spell)

Higher attributes: Faith (15), Strength (14), Energy (13), Endurance (12)

Who should choose this class: Anyone who wants to fight enemies with powerful melee attacks. However, while the Champion’s high Strength, Energy and Endurance ratings make him an obvious choice for bloody brawls, his high Faith score makes him the only class that can cast Spells. Dragonfire is also particularly dangerous, capable of destroying large groups of enemies from afar. However, a low Intelligence score means you won’t be able to cast it very often.

Who should avoid this activity: Players who like to use magic attacks or long-range bow attacks.


As the game describes them: “The Warrior is a Dexterity-based character who uses agile and acrobatic attacks to fight enemies at close range. Equipped with a Buckler and Medium Armor, the Warrior’s default skills allow for Sword and Projectile Assault Attacks. “

Starting items: 2 scimitars and a Buckler

Higher attributes: Agility (15), Stamina (13), Stamina (12)

Who should choose this class: Players who want to quickly hold and move with melee attacks (dodge is a must without a shield) or focus on using a bow for ranged attacks. The Buckler is also the only shield that allows you to parry blocks, giving opponents very powerful stun attacks that come in handy against bosses.

Who should avoid this activity: Anyone who wants to cast Sorcery, cast Spells, or go forward and fight enemies.

I hope this has helped you get a better idea of ​​the classes that you can experiment with this weekend if you can get into Elden’s Ring Closed network test. You can rest assured that we’ll be telling you a lot more about Elden Ring in the weeks and months leading up to the game’s February 22nd release, so check back often!

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