Where to Pre-Order LEGO Luigi – LEGO Super Mario Adventures With Luigi Starter Course

Updated 9th Aug, 2021: Pre-order for u LEGO Luigi Starter Course and LEGO Bowser airship are live on My Nintendo Store UK.

Maybe it might have taken some time (a year to the day, in fact) for Louis to get his brother back, but by August 1st you might have a suitable fraternal meeting in the form of brick blocks. Yes, LEGO Louis is in the process of being part of the new LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Louis Starter Course scheduled for release in early August.

LEGO Luigi is as interactive as its sibling, with a small LCD screen powered by two AAA batteries that react to movement, color and some special bricks. His eyes, mouth and belly react to these inputs and a small speaker in the figure adds brand sound and musical phrases to the series.

Louis ’sentences are unique to him, of course, and his Starter Set comes with nine characters, including a Pink Yoshi and an encounter with Boom Boom. Louis can also interact with all other LEGO Super Mario sets available, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility (you can find out more about how they came to be our interview with the project’s lead designer).

We searched the web and traced the best options for the LEGO Louis Starter Set in the UK and the US. We will update this article with more options and fixes as we find them, so be sure to check back.

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Pre-order LEGO Louis in the UK:

In the UK (and in Europe, too), pre-orders for the new Louis and Bowser sets are now live. Get in! Oh, as Louis would say, er … “Get in!”.

Pre-order LEGO Louis in North America:

At the moment we can only find LEGO Louis by pre-order from the LEGO Group itself, but we will add more retailers if there are decent offers. Bowser’s airship is in pre-order in Zavvi.

This LEGO Luigi Starter game, t-shirt and Fuzzy & Mushroom Platform Set package is exclusive to Zavvi in ​​Europe.
This LEGO Luigi Starter game, t-shirt and Fuzzy & Mushroom Platform Set package is exclusive to Zavvi in ​​Europe.

Can you resist placing a pre-order on Louis? Let us know below and don’t forget to check when we get the best deals when they pop up.


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