Where to Pre-Order Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda

Update: June 17thAmazon UK pre-order page is now alive.

Update: June 16thIn the Nintendo Store UK pre-order page is now alive.

Revealed as part of Direct presentation of Nintendo E3 2021, u Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda handheld is a cute little device that allows you to play three classic Zelda games on a retro Game & Watch style system similar to Super Mario Bros. version which launched last year.

Launched on November 12 as a tribute to the 35th anniversary of the action-adventure series, the full games included in this magnificent little device are:

Both the English and Japanese versions of these classics are playable, and the Game & Watch title Virgin is also included, now with Link in the lead role. The handheld also features a Zelda-themed alarm clock feature with various Easter Eggs to discover.

This nostalgic novelty system is sure to look like hot cakes, so you should bookmark this page and check regularly if you like its look.

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Pre-Order Game & Watch The Legend of Zelda In The UK

Only Nintendo’s official option in the UK at the time of writing. We’ll update you with more as we find them.

Pre-Order Game & Watch The Legend of Zelda In The United States

The stock is likely to come and go with this, so if your favorite retailer is currently selling, keep an eye out for supplies:

Can you take this with your Sword Master and revisit this trio of classics? Let me know below.


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