What’s the worst Legend Of Zelda game ever?

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This year, The Legend of Zelda celebrated its 35th anniversary with the release of Nintendo. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD along with the pretty nice Game & Watch. Interestingly, these episodes alone included two titles that can certainly be described as “divisive” – ​​we’re thinking about the Skyward Sword controls (although there are button options in the HD release) and Zelda II: Link’s Adventure to be the one almost nobody beat. God damn there are people who say Breath of the wild overrated, even if this writer and a few others happily die on the hill, arguing that he is great.

Zelda is a show that, in part because of the passion and love it harbors, also generates strong opinions whichever way it goes. Some said Wind waker was too cartoonish as others said Twilight Princess wasn’t bright enough. Some games are too traditional or not traditional enough, or something else Tri force heroes was (which could were great with a few design options maybe).

And, in fact, this the years since we surveyed the “best” Zelda games, but with “Worst Zelda” is trending latelylet’s get it all there, okay? What’s the “least good” Zelda game? Are any games in this series really not impressive? Some of them sincerely bad?

Yes, we know this discussion can get ugly. However, it could be interesting in the poll and comments for other reasons. What do the old games in the series look like now that Nintendo has taken a bold approach to the open world with Breath of the Wild? Maybe the “greats” on the show have left some feeling of frustration after exploring the open world of Hyrule since 2017. What ultimately went wrong about the show over the years?

Before we move on to the survey, a little about the criteria for its compilation:

  • We only included “canon” games, which means no additional Warriors games, bow training or picross.
  • We combine the 3D and HD remasters with their originals under the same voice – this is done in order to accommodate the fact that the main games are essentially the same and that different age groups have experienced them at different times.
  • You can choose up to three games, each with the same weight. If you just want to vote for one or two, you absolutely can, but if multiple titles are in your naughty step, you can choose them.

Well, hit those buttons and share your comments, even if the “worst” Zelda release is still better than most other games.

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