Whatever is the upcoming game inspired by the blocking of the Suez Canal

In March, a giant container ship wedged diagonally into the Suez Canal, disrupting global trade, blocking a vital supply route for six days. It was one of the biggest stories of the month, inevitably fueling memes. Now independent developer Napas Torteeka has decided to turn the event into an online game. A quick review of the game showed that the player’s goal is to deliver goods by ship to their destination without blocking or disrupting the delivery route. When a ship successfully crosses the line, it receives a reward.

The ship in the game is named “WHATEVER”, after the real 200,000th ship – Ever Given – stuck in an artificial channel 93 km long, connecting the Mediterranean and the Red Seas. providing the shortest sea communication between Asia and Europe.

The mission is simple – to sail the ship along the canal in order to deliver the cargo on time. “The more you progress, the more difficult the process becomes. Breeze, whirlpool, kaiju, UFO – all these things will meet along the way, ”said one game description on the 80 Level website.

The Suez Canal is located east of the Egyptian capital Cairo. Almost 12 percent of the world’s shipping and a significant portion of oil supplies pass through it. The route became especially important during the pandemic. A feverish effort was made to clear the canal, but the length of the ship – 400 meters – made it very difficult to get out of the mud.

The vessel was refloated using more than 10 tugs and heavy ground equipment to dig in the bow of the vessel. The worm moon that caused the tide also contributed to the effort, making the ship easier to navigate.

The game on the Godot Engine will be released this month.

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