What Your Witcher 3 Romance Says About You: A Cruel Appeal


You knew this would happen. Geralt never stopped getting information about his missing daughter Ciri, talking about his magnificent teleporting horse Roach and voicing his insightful observation of the weather. But they all played a secondary role compared to his annoying people, playing the incendiary game of Gwent.

My man eats, shits and breathes The Witcher 3card mini-game and never missed an opportunity to ask if any of the local villagers had played or if there were any rare cards he could play and add to his bountiful collection.

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If you’ve played Gwent, you’re the type of person who only finds satisfaction in destroying their opponents with clever strategies and cards with high numbers of your favorites. Witcher characters. Also, chances are you’ve said “No way, fam” whenever the characters try to distract you from your conquest with romantic entertainment.

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