What was this giant infected with in the fifth episode of The Last of Us?

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If you have just finished watching the fifth series of HBO Last of us, you might be wondering what the giant infected was that was talked about a lot on the show but didn’t really bother to explain. Well friends, what you have seen, characters like Joel and Ellie are colloquially referred to as bloat, and this is the central point of encounters with some of the enemies in Last of us games. But you won’t know that based on what the show actually shows. So let’s talk about why these big villains are so important to gaming fans.

What is bloating?

Bloating is considered one of the end stages of infection for victims of the Cordyceps fungus that is ravaging the world. Last of us. Unlike the more common clickers, people who have reached the bloating stage are almost completely covered in the fungus that grows from the infected person’s head. This happens when the victim has been infected for years and somehow managed to “survive” for that long. As Joel mentions in the second episode, most infected only live for a month or so, but clickers and bloats are infected for so long that the fungus has defiled their eyes and they have to use echolocation to navigate. Clickers are more common, but if an infected person lives long enough to become bloated, their clumsy frame and exploding pus pouches – oh yeah, he’s got exploding pus the bags he throws at Joel and Ellie make him much more dangerous.

How bloating works Last of us games?

Blisters appear as mini-bosses at several points throughout both games. Last of us and its continuation. Initially, the opponent debuted in fortified city of billa, but because the show took a completely different approach to the story in its third episode, bloating only debuted in episodes of Kansas City. Bloating is a particularly powerful enemy that, if grabbed, will kill you in one hit. Perry a death in which swelling tears his head is separated from his body, a nod to the death animations in the games where the bloat can grab Joel or Ellie and do just that. The games make a sharp transition to black before showing the extent of the damage, but still show enough to give an idea of ​​just how horrific death will be. Thanks to HBO for filming this scene from a distance so we didn’t have to see Perry’s execution in agonizing detail.

Unlike clickers, bloaters cannot be killed with a knife or Ellie’s switchblade, so you’ll have to kill them the old-fashioned way with bullets and Molotovs. Both games have a few bulges that you can sneak through, allowing you to completely avoid fighting them. But if you can’t handle it, you’ll inevitably use up quite a lot of your supplies by getting them.

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Are swellings the ultimate form of the infected?

Theoretically, a standard infected will either live long enough to become a bloat or die and the cordyceps fungus will continue to grow from their bodies into the environment. In the first episode, Tess and Joel stumble upon a dead infected that has pretty much grown into a wall in Boston’s quarantine zone. However, as The Last of Us Part 2 shows that environmental factors can influence the evolution of cordyceps at different stages of infection.

The Last of Us Part 2 The action takes place primarily in Seattle, and while there, Ellie encounters another type of late-stage infection called shuffling. Similar to Bloat, these Infected are covered head to toe with Cordyceps fungus, but instead of throwing fungal explosives at the player, Shamblers spray acid from their bodies and explode when they are killed. While the reason for this discrepancy in infection is never confirmed, the player can find notes in Seattle suggesting it was due to rain and humidity in the city. It seems reasonable enough, but rascals also appear in Part IIlate game sections of Santa Barbara. This may just be an example of how the gameplay gets in the way of world building, but in any case, there are other possible fates for the infected besides turning into a bloat… although we may not see them in the series until upcoming second season.

The model of the Rat King is depicted on a black background.

The most advanced form of infection. Last of us revealed to have been in an infamous boss fight in Part II with a creature called the Rat King. This was the culmination ofmany infected fuse with each other to create one giant vicious beast in the lower floors of the Seattle hospital, which was the epicenter of the infection in the city. This phenomenon has only been seen once in the series so far and has occurred under such specific circumstances that it seems incredibly rare in the world. Last of us.

While bloating is rare in Last of us‘ every time they appear in games, this is an important moment. The first appearance of bloating on the HBO show was pretty important, but we’ll have to wait and see if anyone bothers to explain why it was important in a future episode.

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