What do you call a link when you play a Zelda game?

Image: Nintendo Life

The release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is (finally) only a few months away, and it’s fair to say that many of us are a little excited. We recently watched the second trailer, and one of the ways we’ve been conveying that excitement through May 12 is by replaying previous games in the series. This of course means it’s time to name the Hero of Time again.

For many, there is an obvious answer to this question: link. This is the name of the protagonist of the series, so it’s the name many dedicated Hylian explorers choose (with the exception of a weird save file written in lowercase, or in some cases, a file where everyone seems to shout out the hero’s name as he walks by,” LINK”).

A quick tour of the Nintendo Life towers confirmed that this was the right way for us. When asked, almost all of us answered, “Of course, Link,” though there were several confessions that we gave the hero an unholy nickname that only our childish minds could muster. Ah yes, the Hero of Time: Mr Stinky Pants.

Sure, we could call Link forever, well, Link, but the possibilities are endless. So we want to know how you name your link. Are you a knowledge lover? User “own name”? A player with a rude name wants to take some hilarious screenshots? Fill out the following survey and then share in the comments to let us know if you’ve ever done something different.

Keep the rude answers to yourself, let us know your Time Hero names in the comments!

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