What are you playing this weekend? (October 1)

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We made it guys! We’ve made it through a flurry of game releases – better known as “September” – and we’re living to write another day! Even though October looks just as busy… *sip*

Here at Nintendo Life we ​​played an unofficial Super Mario Bros. fan game. 5, made entirely in Super Mario Maker 2, was toyed with life simulations and praised the old Lord of the Rings RPGs. It’s also been an exciting week as not only have we learned that Cuphead is getting a physical release, but we’ve also seen Scarlet’s Pokémon for the first time and Violet Wiglett’s newest ‘mon’ – he’s a pretty weird little guy!

After getting to know Sonic Frontiers, maybe this weekend we’ll turn to some of the hedgehog’s past adventures. Or maybe after we share our thoughts on Tunic and review Let’s Build a Zoo, we’ll check out both!

Well, below you can find out what our amazing creators will be playing as they share their plans for the weekend. As always, we want to hear from you all too! Read and then be sure to share your video game schedule in the comments below – enjoy!

Alana Haigs, staff writer

I bought a Splatoon 3 OLED as a birthday present – and oh my god, that screen really matters, doesn’t it? I’ve been diving into Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (again) and the colors really stand out on the OLED – I know it doesn’t perform amazing in handheld mode, but my Xenoblade game in bed has improved tenfold. Am I done yet? Of course not. I can’t break away even though I’m in postgame!

Otherwise, I’m gearing up for some big October releases. I’m going back to Bayonetta and finally checking this off my backlog and also re-watching Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. As for the new stuff, I’m going to try Let’s Build a Zoo. Conjoined animals? What a horror show! But I’m on my way.

Jim Norman, staff writer

I am awfully much hoping play this weekend. The amount that I will actually the game might be a different discussion entirely depending on how I feel about my bank account.

Let’s be optimistic here. I really want to sink my teeth into Tunic and Shovel Knight Dig. These are two very different games, admittedly, but nonetheless, they grabbed me right away with their visuals – have you seen one of these on OLED? Chef’s Kiss.

I also haven’t opened my copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection yet, so it would be great to get some completely tubular action if I find time between these new purchases. As reliable as I get, there will no doubt be some Splatoon 3 in the meantime – consider me well and truly hooked.

Ollie Reynolds, staff writer

I’m not sure how much time I’ll have this weekend to play games, but I’ll try to throw in some more Bayonetta 2 here and there if possible. Now I’m close to completion, so I really want this to be done. Otherwise, I have nothing else to dive into! I’d like to buy Return to Monkey Island soon, but first I’m going to replay the first two games to refresh my memory a bit, so it’s on hold for now.

Gonzalo Lopez, reviewer

While my Xenoblade Chronicles 3 journey is nearing completion, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the online store has literally exploded this week. Shmup junkies like me are more than embraced by Moon Dancer and both versions of Bullet Soul are some of the genre’s finest. 16-bit shovel action is guaranteed with Shovel Knight Dig, oppressive soulful metroidvania is covered in Moonscars, zen city building will take place in Dorfromantik, and mesmerizing trains are driven by RAILGRADE. And all this while the physical box of The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero is teasing me with its JRPG timeslot. This time 48 hours just won’t be enough!

Game of the week – Tunica. It’s been a long and hard wait for this gem to come to Switch, but it’s been worth it; it really is something very special.

Keith Gray, staff writer

This weekend I’ll be… mostly working on my side projects. Woo! But other than that, AI: The Somnium Files is about to disappear from Game Pass, so I’ll try to finish it sooner. And since I’ve finally finished 13 Sentinels (wooooo!), maybe I can get started on the Danganronpa I bought in one of the recent sales. I already played but I want to play again.

As always, thanks for reading! Don’t forget to leave us a comment below with your game plans for the weekend!

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