What are you playing this weekend? (August 27)

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As the great Captain Haddock once said, “What a week, huh?” It looks like Nintendo has been bombarding us with inky news ahead of the release of Splatoon 3 left, right and center (splashing, if you will be). This week we got a chance to get our hands on the upcoming game, and we’re sure some of you will be doing the same this weekend as the Splatfest World Premier demo is now available to download from the Switch web store.

While the Gamescom Opening Night Live and Nintendo Treehouse presentation this week got us looking into the future, you might want to apply a smaller scale to games this weekend when both mouse-based Islets and RITE arrive on Switch consoles .

Elsewhere on Nintendo Life, we detailed GoldenEye facts for the 25th anniversary of the N64 game, went into mouthful mode during our visit to Tokyo’s Kirby Cafe, and took some spooky turns in our Cursed to Golf review.

But the weekend has finally come, and we are ready to relax in good comfortable games. The three members of the Nintendo Life team discuss their game plans below, and we’d love to hear what you’re playing through our comment section. Enjoy reading!

Keith Gray, staff writer

This weekend I’m taking the Eurostar train from Germany to England… which means a lot of Slay The Spire and some more time on 13 Sentinels, nothing new! Sorry for being so repetitive and predictable!

Wow, since I was at Gamescom this week, I’ve played and seen a lot of games that I really enjoy right now, even if I don’t know if they’re all coming to Switch. Does it count? There are Vikings on trampolines, well for animals, BirthAka Lakeside, and Fall of Porcupine look SO interesting and beautiful. Hope they all come to Switch! But I also think I should get a Steam Deck…

Alana Haigs, staff writer

For a while I didn’t have to admit anything about “What Are You Playing” so let’s change that – I’ve never really played platoon the game. I tried to but not more than a few minutes at a time. So this weekend I’m diving into the Splatoon 3 demo. My first Splatfest, huh? If you see an Octoling going around doing something terrible, it’s probably me. Sorry in advance, Team Scissors!

That’s probably all I’ll have this weekend – I’ll obviously be diving into the post-game Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but a little less video game time seems like a good thing.

Jim Norman, staff writer

This weekend will be the world of furniture assembly and decoration for me. So when my sofa eventually What better way to relax than to continue catching up on Splatoon 2? One way or another, I will a little skill in the game by the release of the upcoming sequel.

I’m also looking for comfort games over the next few days, so there’s no doubt that I’ll be back with my favorite Zelda. I hope I can get a bit more into Skyward Sword than I did in the past – of course, motion control is disabled. However, I’ve also been listening to the Breath of the Wild soundtrack a lot this week, so another playthrough of Hyrule Field’s latest incarnation might be calling me for a cozy getaway.

As always, thanks for reading! Don’t forget to leave us a comment below with your game plans for the weekend!

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