Week of Czech and Slovak Games in full swing

Second Annual Celebration Event Week of Czech and Slovak Games here. This time unique Week of Czech and Slovak Games The event, which kicked off on the 17 November national holiday, offers discounts on locally produced games.

Now let’s go back to history to understand why the games of the Czech Republic and Slovakia are so important. Before the fall of the Iron Curtain, there were very few opportunities for people in the east who wanted to create or even play games. The first generation of developers from the states that until 1992 formed the federation of Czechoslovakia were unable to play most of the games considered classics or industry standards. The market for consoles was virtually non-existent until the turn of the millennium. This led to the fact that the games of the Czech Republic and Slovakia diverged a lot – believe it or not, but mostly in a good way.

We hope to build on the huge success of last year Week of Czech and Slovak Gamesand great news: to support these unique regional games, some of our favorites will be on sale during the event. We have selected a few just to understand what awaits us in the store.

So, how are the games of the studios in the Czech Republic and Slovakia different from your usual gaming experience? First, the unprecedented emphasis on realism and high, but fair difficulty, laid the foundation for the success of games such as Space engineers… Take a look at the latest DLC pack in this unique sandbox space simulator:

Second is the artistic virtuosity of games from Amanita Design such as Machinarium or their recently released title Squeaks

Amanita games are unique in many ways: hand-drawn animations make you feel like you’re in a (sometimes intimidating) fairytale, and their games usually don’t have written dialogue either, making Amanita games very accessible.

named key art

Another great example is the work of the Circus Atos studio and titles such as Under the leaves or Encyclopedia Mouse… Their games are accompanied by soothing music, they allow children to learn in a playful way and at the same time relax adults.

little mouse key art

When these two qualities are ideally combined, great international success is born. This is the history of games like Vaporum or Remembered

paired key art

All of the above games and talented creators have taken their place on the world map of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The rise of the indie scene followed quickly, without the historical burden that significantly influenced the previous generation of developers. Tons of games are released annually, ranging from small platformers like Feudal alloy or Yestermorrow to more ambitious indie projects such as Dex or Black hole

Dex Lay Art

Three or four titles coming from the Czech Republic to the bestseller list on any given platform have not been unusual in the past decade. This is an astounding achievement for creators from a country with a population roughly the same as North Carolina. If you haven’t played Czech and Slovak classics yet, this is a chance you don’t want to miss. If you can’t do it this year, mark your calendar for next year and check out game page to see what’s going on. For everyone else, see you on the floor!

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