We could have had a new F-Zero “Ultra-Realistic” On Switch, but Nintendo abandoned it.


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The Nintendo community often finds itself reminded of franchises that seem doomed to never return, and while the likes Pokémon Snap, 2D Metroid, 3D Metroid, Famicom Detective Club and even more to get in fact he has made great returns, a series that stands by him F-Zero.

The latest F-Zero game, F-Zero Climax, launched 16 years ago now and was exclusive to Japan; Europe and North America have received it F-Zero: Legendary GP in 2004, with the last version of the main series coming to the West being 2003 F-Zero GX. It’s no surprise that fans of the franchise are becoming quite desperate for something new.

As it turns out, there are developers out there who would like to make a new F-Zero for Switch and the ideas have been passed on to Nintendo – unfortunately without success. In conversation with GameXplain, Giles Goddard of Vitei – which Nintendo fans will know as a developer Star Fox, Stunt Race FX, Snowboard at 1080 °, and Super Mario 64Mario’s tight eye (yes really) revealed that his team has launched an “ultra-realistic” F-Zero at Nintendo:

“In Vitei, after I left Nintendo and started my own business, it was after Steel Diver and Sub Guerre, we were looking to think of things to do and I thought it would be really nice to have an ultra-realistic F-Zero, always with some sort of really cool futuristic graphics, but just really realistic physics – we thought that would be a really interesting thing to try .

“So we did a demo for the Switch and PC. It was even more to show the capabilities of our engine – we had a cross-platform engine that was running on 3DS, Switch, PC, whatever – so we did a demo of some really cool F-Zero cars running around this crazy track … Only hundreds of cars using AI to race themselves.

“But they all had a realistic physics, like, really ultra, a little too realistic, so the passage was actually caused by four jets in the lower form of self-regulation … Too much above. But it meant that , if you kill one of the jets, it will end up sinking, and if you kill the other it will spin and all that kind of stuff.And it was just fun – it was like a sandbox type thing just playing and seeing what would happen if you caused a crash here and all that. ”

When asked if Nintendo finally rejected the idea, Goddard broke the bad news:

“Yes, Nintendo is very concerned about using the old IP because it’s such a huge thing for them to do. It’s much easier to go with a new idea, a new IP, than to reuse an old one.

“We were stuck in a catch-22 working with Nintendo because we would say,‘ we want to make this F-Zero game, can you give us all this money? “And they’ll say, ‘Well you don’t have enough people.’ And I’ll say, ‘Well if we had the money we could get people,’ you know. we launch a game, and then they say you don’t have enough people. ”

In the same interview, Goddard also revealed that he would be interested to make a new Star Fox without the “tricks”. You can look at it all here.



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