Watch gameplay footage of the League of Legends fighting game

A screenshot of two characters fighting, as seen from the League fighting game.

Screenshot: Riot games

Riot Games released its first game video last night Project L, a fighting game set in League of Legends Universe. The video included several different league characters and an in-depth discussion of what type of fighting game the developers were creating. Project L trying to create.

Riot Games was at League of Legends spin-0ff for the last year or so, with two Laughing out loud spin-off games recently released as well as the popular Netflix animation show too. Now Project L—one of the older spin-offs, first announced back in 2019 – Proper gameplay has finally arrived, showcasing how the fighting game will look and play when it eventually comes out … one day. Riot made it clear that Project L will not be released this or next year.

According to the developers Project L, this is a vertical cut and they still have a lot to do to get the game out. “We created this to give the final look to the game,” explained Tom Cannon, Senior Director and Executive Producer, “before we start creating all of our content like characters and scenes.”

Project L It is slated to be a tag-style fighter in which players control teams of two and switch between them during combat. The video also showed an early look at the controls. According to Cannon, the goal is to create a fighting game that is “easy to learn but difficult to master.” It seems to me that all modern fighting games claim to do this, so what this actually means in practice remains to be seen.

Fighting game fans will appreciate that Project L is focused on creating the best possible network code. The game will implement rollback, but will also use Riot’s proprietary networking technology used to reduce ping and latency in games such as League of Legends and Valiant.

Considering how early this still sounds, this is it is not shocking that the game is not Release date. Riot plans to share at least two updates on the game and the state development in 2022

Meanwhile, Riot Games is reportedly still delay ongoing investigations California Department of Fair Employment and Housing in his workplace history gender discrimination and sexism.

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