Warframe On Switch Just Received An Update For Crossplay

Remember last July when Digital Extremes announced they were adding cross-play and cross-save support to their popular free-to-play game Warframe? Well, now cross-platform play is officially available.

In a new update, the company has announced that cross-platform play is finally supported for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Here’s a little about how this new feature works via PR. Note. There is also an option to enable and disable cross-platform play features. VoIP chat features will also be available in a future update.

“The Warframe cross-play feature can be turned on and off in the game options menu. When this feature is enabled, the player’s platform icon will be displayed next to their name. They can chat, join squads, and can expect expedited public matchmaking. as other players across all platforms in the Source System join the upcoming missions. Players across all platforms can also meet in relay races and dojos, however VoIP chat features will be added in the future and are not currently available.”

And as for cross-saving – it seems to be “still in development”. This is described as an additional service for players to transfer their progress from one platform to another. You can learn more about these new features at warframe official website.

Image: digital extremes

Will you try this new cross-platform play feature? Comment below.

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